Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Today I was told that I won 3rd place and an Honorable Mention in the Clackamas Community College Writers Club Contest. I had entered 3 of my poems in the poetry category. That made my day!!
My poem VOYEUR got 3rd place and FALLOW won Honorable mention! And here they are:


Heavy-shouldered waves rise and thrust
themselves upon the sand, thrashing
as they twist and turn, releasing
husky sighs from their depths.
Gulls scream as they witness
each plunge against
the supple, moist shore.

The feral assault ebbs
as waning waves retreat,
easing the relentless assault.

The lighthouse aims its watchful eye.


She is tethered like a music-box bird
by swallowed ambitions and stale rituals.
Passing days cut into her, bits
of broken glass reminding her
that she exists with regret.
Her dreams are a clinging weight,
pulling her like an undertow
into a mournful surrender.

Each days after birth leaves her
with souvenirs of what might have been;
her desires, flowers dying on the vine.
She stares as dust motes
across the floor.

Oh, and today my supervisor was giving a tour of part of the campus to some staff visiting from another college, and she introduced me and said, "This is Rose. She is a very important part of this office and we would be in trouble without her. She does so much!"
That also made me feel good!

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