Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today after church I felt the need to escape to nature, so I headed to Mary S. Young State Park over in West Linn on 43. I had my camera with me and as I strolled taking in the scents, sounds and sights, I snapped a few photographs to capture what I witnessed. I strolled slowly, my eyes darting all around, even up to the treetops. I spied birds chasing each other through the branches, squirrels lazily relaxing in trees or on the ground, and a few butterflies gently floating by. I saw young golden leaves lit up by the sunshine, trillium blossoming, and other natural beauty. The aromas were wonderful. I could almost smell the warmth in them! Of course, there were also people strolling and jogging and each face I passed smiled back at me. That was as warming as the sunshine.

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  1. Nature is so good at renewing us and keeping us grounded. And we are SO lucky to live in such a glorious part of the world!!