Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I was scrolling through photographs on my computer that I had scanned in and saved. My enjoyable task was fixing photos, making them look better. My favorites were of my son when he was young. Children always say and do things that stick in your memories forever. In this picture he had been spending the day being a sidewalk (and driveway) artist. I always had colored chalk on hand for this much-loved activity. Chalk is so great because a little water washes the "canvas" new and you can start over again.
This particular day he had announced that he was drawing a picture of me and I had to sit and pose for him. When he drew my hair as golden yellow (no brown chalk) I mentioned that I was not a blond. His response: "When the sun shines on your hair, mom, it shines kinda like gold." Already learning how to schmooze a female!

This photo is of my son when he was 13 days old in the arms of his grandfather Lefebvre, my husbands father. Get a load of that hair he has!
He had his first haircut a few days later because it was so long it would get into his eyes! In this picture I can almost hear Jimmy (my son) thinking "what are you looking at?"

It looks like they are checking each other out. One of my favorite shots!

This photograph is of my son in the arms of my husband, Clay. My two men in their suits. Jimmy was a year old. It was a sad occasion as it was a funeral for my husbands grandmother, his fathers mother. But I hold onto the memory of Clay walking Jimmy around the graveyard and Jimmy noticing the little things we may not have seen it it had not been for his eyes...a "pretty" rock, flowers, trees, a bug walking across a gravestone. ..

The photograph to the right was taken at Big Bear, California
and was the first experience Jimmy had in snow! He was 4 years old (big boy!). We had filled empty plastic dish soap bottles with water tinted with food coloring so we could "paint" in the snow. We brought along our own homemade snowman kit (briquettes, carrot, red berries). We found branches on the ground to use for arms. Since it was cold outside, Jimmy felt that we needed to paint clothes onto his snowman, which he had aptly named Frosty (gee, wonder where he got that name?). Then he took off his knit cap and was placing it on Frosty because "he still looks cold" when I snapped this shot. It was such a sweet moment. When we had to leave and go home, Jimmy cried when he realized we would not be taking Frosty home with us.
Yes, children may sometimes be a handful and keep us on our toes, but they also give us the gift of treasured memories.


  1. YOur love just glows off the page. What sweet mommy memories!

  2. That is so sweet! What a creative mom you are, thinking of coloring the snow.