Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We should remember to be thankful each day of our lives. Usually the small gifts in our world--a butterfly flitting by, the harmony of a dozen finches in the trees, the whisper of the wind to the trees, the delicate lacework of the bare branches against the sky--these things touch my life each day.
Sometimes it may be challenging to find something to give thanks for, especially when our lives are filled with uncertainty, loss, sadness, difficulty and fear. I know I have faced those days and know that in these times, I am not alone.
Just today I had an emotional beginning to my day that left me feeling despondent and tearful. I went to work feeling that turmoil inside. About a half hour after arriving, I had to deliver paperwork to the business office. As I was returning to my building, I glanced up and was fortunate to behold a massive arc of a rainbow. But this rainbow was uncommon. It was mostly a silvery glow, with tinges of pink. There was no rain, only sunshine!
I was stirred by this miraculous vista, and almost felt as if God was urging me to SMILE. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me today to capture this amazing scene and share it. As I entered the building, a smile across my face, I spied a young girl who has become a friend (and reminds me of me at her age). I told her she must come see, and took her outside to share this remarkable vision. She was also in awe and we smiled and hugged. It felt delightful! I am not sure if any of you witnessed this poignant sight, but hope a few did. I will share a photograph that I took over the weekend, and I hope you enjoy the scene as much as I did!
God bless you all, and may little moments delight and stir your soul.
Happy Thanksgiving and happy days to you all!
I share my "thankful" poem below.


Thank you, Lord, for the gifts you’ve given to us all,
from the smallest grain of sand to majestic mountains tall.
We do not always thank you as often as we should,
for providing a world of substance, both beautiful and good.

Aromatic flowers that tremble in the breeze,
oxygen and oasis bestowed by lofty trees;
Soft green grass tickling tiny toes,
the delicate aroma of a graceful rose.

Cool gentle rain on a warm summer day,
the brilliant azure color of a spirited blue jay;
Ivory clouds drifting by, soft and billowy,
creating shapes within them for everyone to see.

The radiance of the stars flickering in the night,
soft illumination of the moons tranquil light.
The crickets chirrup drifting through the night air,
echoes of croaking frogs in the distance off somewhere.

The sound of autumn leaves crunching ‘neath our feet,
a shy little lamb responding to its mama’s bleat;
The mystery of the fog softening the day,
mirthful laughter of children frolicking at play.

Colorful hues of the rainbow in the endless sky,
the vision of the eagle soaring gracefully on high.
Crimson and golden colors of the autumn’s crispy leaves,
like a striking costume that brightens up the trees.

The pink glow of a baby’s cheek sleeping peacefully,
a toddler’s laughter as she bounces on her daddy’s knee.
The caressing embrace of the gentle wind upon your cheek,
trickling water gurgling down a lazy creek.

Shimmering reflections of the sky on a placid lake,
the splendor of a dawn as the world begins to wake.
This is but a paltry list of what I am thankful for,
for every day my ‘thank you’ count grows more and more.


  1. God is so generous to us. And how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful place! Keep looking for that beauty. If we expect good things from our fellow broken human beings, we are prone to being disappointed. If we expect good from God, we might not always get what we want, but it will always be good for us.

  2. I know how it is, having to make yourself go through your day when you feel so distraught inside. I'm glad nature provided such a beautiful gift to lift your mood.

  3. I love your blog, with its poems and pictures of family and nature!