Friday, December 25, 2009


My niece sent me a few more photographs of the family.  I am always happy to get photographs!
Here you see little Viviana holding her baby brother, Logan, with dad (Luis) making sure no one is dropped.
Now, for some reason, in this next photograph Viviana reminds me of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz...maybe it is the ruby red slippers! 
And it looks like she is enjoying Rollo's...Mmmmm! Yummy!
Here is my sister-in-law, Cindy, holding her first grandson, Logan.

Here we see Vanessa holding baby Logan right after he was born (Oct 30th).  I saw this and it brought to mind the childrens book I used to read to my son entitled Are You My Mother?  He does look as if wondering who she is!

Logan is definitely a redhead.

Here is the whole family:  Vanessa, baby Logan, Viviana and Luis.
Both children are redheads.  Aren't they adorable!

Shhh! Grandma Cindy is sleeping with little curly top Viviana.  Ahhhh!

Little Logan is most definitely a redhead, no doubt about it!
He seems so alert for a child a little less than 2 months old!
What a cutie!!

And we cannot forget the photograph showing that they are all Raiders fans!
Notice the clothing! Whenever the Raiders play, they drag out all of their Raider items; chairs, blankets, doll, clothing, hats, etc.  They are very into their team!  Despite that, we still love 'em all!!

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