Saturday, January 9, 2010


I read an article that told about some very interesting websites.  I wanted to pass on this information to all of you.  Many offer videos and/or audio in various subjects.  I have bookmarked them on my computer. I figure some could come in handy. And for the writers out there, maybe they can help you when you need to research a subject for your book or article.
Check them out.
Academic Earth
This site has lots of free video courses from the leading universities, such as MIT, Columbia, Yale, UCLA and more. 
Research Channel
They have a video library of over 3,500 titles available from many universities and research organizations.
Video Lectures
Here you can watch video lectures, interviews, tutorials, and more. 
Webcast Berkeley
You can use either audio or video versions to listen to lectures, speakers, poetry readings and courses.
Videos on top stories, television shows, sports and more!
This site has many free audio books.  You search to see if they have what you want.
The History Channel
Many videos available on variou subjects, such as history,mysteries, wars, science, etc.
Harvard at Home
"Experience some of the exciting research, teaching, and public addresses making news at Harvard University today—right from your desktop. With more than sixty customized multimedia-rich programs on topics ranging from stem cells to Beethoven, Harvard@Home brings the best of Harvard to you."
Wonder How To
Lots and lots of How-to videos in various subjects, liste at the bottom of the page.  Who knows, maybe one can help you solve a problem or mystery or answer a question.
HP Learning Center
Need more information on digital photography, home office, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, PC security & maintenance, and more. Check them out.


  1. What a wealth of information. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. You are such a generous girl! Thanks. And I sure hope you're feeling better. What a lousy way to spend your evening.