Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I just had to escape to Mother Nature's world again today.  I was drawn to take a little walk, and once again, it was on the Clackamas Community College campus.  After all, I just got off work there!  I was eager to snap some photographs.  I loved the texture of this tree.  It seems almost like a sky rocket shooting into the air (well, that was how I viewed it anyways). 

I saw this plants leaves and it reminded me of one of those artistic waterfalls where the water tumbles from one man-made petal into the next and so on.  But this one is all natural!  I loved the raindrops still settled to rest in it!

I was also intrigued at the diamond drops upon this leaf and the texture of the leaf itself.

This iris near the bus circle in front (I think they are probably rarely noticed) looked so lovely bedecked in raindrop jewels, like a bride aglow in her beauty.  The delicate veins give it a lacy effect!
Then I was drawn deeper into the center of the flower.  Lovely!

This tree is called a Golden Rain and is so gorgeous with its long, draping flowers.  I found it over near the nature center area.  It can also be viewed from Beavercreek Rd. entrance to the college.  When the sun is shining on it, it literally glows golden!
Here is another shot of the Golden Rain tree so you can see some of the individual flows.

At one spot on the walk I was intrigued by the light illuminating leaves on trees.  So -CLICK- I snapped a few shots, this one being the best.
These lovely lavender flowers drew me near. I love the little fireworks effect inside of them.  Don't you think they are pretty?
I loved this spotted leaf and how it stood out in the crowd.  One of my favorite shots.  I am not sure if the spots upon the leaves are natural or some sort of problem it suffers from, but it is so cool anyways!
Once I finished my walk I was eager to come home, edit the pictures, and share with all of you!


  1. Fabulous, Rose! The big flat leaves are hostas - which come in a wide variety of color variations. The lavender flowers are azaleas. The photos are beautiful! Your shot of the Iris is very Georgia OKeefe.

  2. Lovely photos once again. I especially like the hosta with its leaves layered like a fountain.