Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today I went to Milo McIver State Park to watch a Civil War Reenactment.  I was able to convince my husband to go along with me as long as I promised to tote a folding camping rocker for him.  So I did!  It is a rarity to get him to leave the house so I was very willing.  First we sauntered through the camps.  The people who participate in these events are really dedicated.  They use all equipment just like back then in their camps as well as the battles. 
They even have shops to sell costumes, jewelry, metal wares, bonnets and lots of other items.
I could picture Roxie in the purple dress!

There were many women and girls dressed in costumes.

Here is a slideshow of the costumed women and girls that I photographed.

This next video shows some of the soldiers.

And this slideshow displays snapshots around the camp of things I saw, what the living areas looked like, and flags!

I enjoyed reading the various signs posted within the camps.
They all urged people to join up and battle for the Union or Confederacy!

The battle was loud, with artillery and cannons firing.  I discovered that there were two problems for someone taking photographs of the event.  Number one:  attendees were facing the sun, and so were the cameras.  Number two:  a lot of smoke was created by the various guns and cannons, and it blew my way!
They both caused problems in trying to take photographs.
I am posting a few photographs!

See all the smoke!
In this shot you can actually see the yellow fire from the gun muzzle!

The battlefield was often in a smoky haze, and I am sure it was like that in the Civil War long ago.

When the cannons fired, sometimes they created smoke rings.  What was interesting was that when the smoke ring hit a tree, the branches moved from the repercussion!
Below is a slideshow of some of the photographs I took of the battle.
Makes you think about what it was like for our ancestors who fought for one side or the other.


  1. You got some stunning photos! Bravo!!! Kyle and I used to do fur trapper re-enactments, and there is great pride in living exactly as they did in the day, even to getting modern perscription lenses set into period-appropriate frames for your glasses. Cook what they ate, live and dress just as they did back then. It t's dressup and make-believe for grownups, and gives you a rel sense of how hard life was for our forebears.

  2. Wow, that's pretty cool about the smoke rings.I never would have guessed that would happen, but it makes sense.