Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today my friend, Roxie, and I ventured out to the Japanese Gardens.  I was very excited about having an adventure with my bubbly friend.  Once we arrived neither of us hesitated in snapping away with our cameras.  The first thing they ask is that you turn off your cell phones to maintain the peace of the place.
I happily obliged.   We were greeted by the guardians of the garden.

The lion on the left is the female and the one on the right is the male. (Thanks Beth for correcting my confused memory!)  I had not known this but Roxie has much knowledge and told me this fascinating fact!  It is always fun to learn new things.
The gardens has beauty created by natural elements.  Right now various shades of green dominate the gardens, with an occasional splash of golds, yellows, and orange.  Soon many fall colors will sneak in!

Ponds, waterfalls, and fountains of various sizes and types are scattered throughout.

And, of course, there are the rock pagodas and lanterns. 
Sprinkled around are benches where you can sit and contemplate the views.  I thought it would be fun to have a few mats where you could lay down and rest while listening to the water!

A couple of metal cranes grace this pond.
The ponds were so calm and had wonderful reflections in them!

I also loved the rock elements strategically dropped here and there.
Sometimes I looked up and enjoyed the way the light shone through the leaves making them almost translucent. 
A bright splash of color graced this area.  Even the stairways were unique in architecture.

I would love to see these various pagoda lanterns at night filled with candle glow.
In this area they rake the sand in patterns, which they change often. 
As you can see, this pattern looks like ripples of water.

It sure  would be fun to have a chance to try and create my own pattern in the sand! 
Might not look as nice as theirs, but I would have fun!
Here is another area where they raked a very unique pattern.

It must                have been                          quite a task                   creating such                         an intricate                    pattern!
The tea house is beautiful and was more so with the reflections of the garden in its windows.

So many wonderful pagoda lanterns. 

Water features are so simple and elegant.
Roxie and I had a drink out of the one below.
Some of the trees are wonderful sculptures, all twisted and bent and trimmed perfectly.

I would have loved to have heard someone playing a flute. 
It would fit right in!
I highly recommend a visit to the Japanese Gardens, and don't forget your camera.
Afterwards you can stroll down to the Rose Gardens just below the tennis courts!
We did!
But I will save those pictures for another post.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Roxie for a wonderful experience!


  1. Fabulous photos, Rose! Thank you for turning me on to the reflections. Without you, I wouldn't have noticed them. We should try to do this every season. And next time, we'll take Lisa, too. It was a grand time!

  2. Pictures are wonderful Rose as is your narrative. The gardens are really beautiful any time of year. One of the quilt guilds in PDX has a show in the Tea House. I think the group is High Fiber Diet and it is wonderful too. I hope you get to visit frequently as they change all the time. I'm sure Roxie told you that too.

  3. Japanese Gardens is one of my favorite places, but you have to go in all four seasons to really appreciate it fully. Always inspires me to do something in my own yard to enhance the view from the deck or windows.

    Mary Jean Rivera

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I love that place.
    And by the way you have your genders mixed. The guardian Fo Dog with the ball under his foot is the male, and the one with the cub under her foot is the female.


  5. Wow. What great photos. That first one with all the green just pulled me in. I'd love to go with the two of you when you go back for the fall colors.

  6. Your photos are wonderful, Rose! They transports me to a calm, beautiful place!