Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yesterday Nana Rose (that's me!) went with Brogan, his mom and his grandma (my best friend) as well as two of their friends, to visit the Hoffman Dairy Farm Pumpkin Patch in Canby.  It had been recommended to me as being great for little ones, and it was! So here are our adventures!
We met the Chipmunks and they were bigger than we had expected!  Brogan smiled like a chipmunk!

Then Brogan and Grandma Sue mingled with
some of the Simpson family.
Who knows where Bart and Lisa were.
I am sure Bart is into something that will get him in trouble and Lisa is probably hugging an animal.

Brogan wanted to see what was in the big wooden box.
It held white pumpkins, just like the full one behind him.
Here Brogan warily eyes a couple of baby llamas. He did pet them but
was leery of their mouths!

Brogan did not mind this little piggy until he snorted
at him. He ran straight to grandma Sue and held
tight to her leg for awhile after that!

Here he feeds a goat while clutching tight to grandma! 

This little bunny was so cute and lovely!  I wanted to snuggle it and
take it home! Brogan seemed very puzzled by many of the animals
and I think it is his first experience besides the zoo.

Then we went into one area where they had a ball play pen built of bales of hay.  Brogan
really enjoyed this!

who should I throw
this ball at?"

"They're mine, all mine!! Hee hee hee!"

Next to the ball play area
was a large box filled with dried corn instead of sand!
The children had fun scooping
and dumping corn into buckets.

"Hey, who said you could
take my picture? Nana Rose
is a pest with that camera. Maybe I should bury her in the corn!"
Look!  Grandma Sue is a cow and Brogan is a little pink pig!! How cute is that!

Brogan is demonstrating his skill as a pole dancer. He went round and round and round this pole!  Seems like kids can be amused by the simplest things--poles, corn, hay...

Brogan rode on the little
merry-go-round. He looked
a little reluctant at first.

Picture at right:
"Fun? Yea, sure mom. Now get me off this thing."

"Why do you want me to go in there, grandma?  What's on the other side?  Is this a trick??"

"Hey look! There's mommy
and Nana Rose!"

Brogan was amazed by the tiger aka "kitty" and at one point the tiger looked VERY interested in Brogan! Notice the sweatshirt has his name on it!

Next we headed over to the pumpkins to see which ones to get.
 This was quite an experience and we learned that Brogan is very indecisive! 

"Hmmm, this white one looks
cool! Or maybe that one over there. I just don't know."

"Look at this!
Whaddya call it?
It's fun!
I can bend it and wiggle it
and throw it..."
Come on Brogan.
Let's get pumpkins.
"Here's a big orange pumpkin. What do you think of this one mom?"   LOOK! I found a BIG piece of hay!  See how it bends?"
MOM: Brogan, come on and pick out your pumpkins.

"Come on mom, loosen up and roll in the hay.  It's fun!! What?
You've done that before?"
  "Okay, I'm gonna measure this pumpkin with my new
hay measuring tool. Made it myself. Let's see...Yep!  It looks big enough!"
"Hey! Can someone help a fella up here? Grandma, I need some assistance! I've fallen and I can't get up!"
"These two look nice. I think they will do. What do you think, Nana Rose?
Can you paint these?"
What do they fill these pumpkins with- concrete???!
Man, these things are heavy!
I can do it, I can do it, I can... oh darn,  MOM!
I need some help here!"

"WOW! MOM!  Look at this one!
It is big enough for me to sit on!
Can we get it, can we, huh??!
What do you mean it's TOO big?!"
Grandma and Brogan posed on two unusual benches. 
One looked like a pig and one like a horse.
"You know grandma, I don't really like pigs! That one scared me!"
"I like this horsey!  He is cool! Giddy up!"
"LOOK AT ME!  I can stand on a pumpkin!
Don't let go grandma!"
"Nana Rose and Grandma Sue liked the pig bench.  Do you know that they have been best friends for a hundred years!They are old, but they are fun!"

"Grandma is a hairy monster and I am a ghost.
I am making a scary face--Woooooo!  Wooooooo!
That's what ghosts say!"
I'm lookin' at a horse!
I think Nana Rose called it a Sweatin' pony.
She thinks it is small but
it looked big to me!"
"Here I am with my mommy. Isn't she pretty?"

Here's mommy and me
going up, up, to the top
of the big slide!
Here we are at the top
and sliding
That was fun!
I am going to take a nap now.  You can read about the rest of our adventures in the next post! We did a lot yesterday!
YAWN    --  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz