Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The Saturday saga continues...after Brogan's nap he showed me how he can read the alphabet in his book.  He can point to and say each letter, which is impressive for a 2 year old.   I think he enjoyed showing off to Nana Rose.
Then Grandma Sue gave Brogan a Halloween Mr. Potato Head (he is a vampire!) and they put him together.  The guy even came with his own costume!

Brogan and Grandma had fun doing a little wrestling.  Brogan really got the giggles!  It is so fun to hear a child's uninhibited laughter!
Grandma Sue and I decided that we would walk Brogan over to see the Davis Graveyard around the corner from their home.  This family really gets into decorating their yard for Halloween!  I wrote about it last year (older postings) and you can go to this site to see their slideshow:  http://www.davisgraveyard.com/slideshows/2010/     It is quite cool and lots of work to create!   The Davis Graveyard is located at:  8703 SE 43rd Ave., Milwaukie, OR 97222  (at the corner of Johnson Creek and 43rd Ave).
The graveyard was pretty spooky. All sorts of eerie sounds are heard, spiderwebs adorn the trees and fences, ghosts romp and sing, graves have strange epitaphs, and goblins abound. Brogan watched it all!

Brogan was enchanted by the singing ghost by the gate.  Look! There is one up in the window of the second story!
There are ghosts dacing back there under the tree!  Do you see them Grandma?  Do you see them Nana Rose?
This is cool!

If you look really close at what this humongous spider has caught, you will notice a fly that has a human head and arm.  I think I saw that in a movie.  The poor captive screams, "Help me! Help me!" I hate spiders!

What does donations mean? What are those things?
Skulls? From peoples heads? They can't have mine!

Man, these people really go all out to decorate! Hey, don't those crows belong to ol' Edgar?
Look there! In that crypt to the left!  There is a ghost walking in there!
This place is cool!   Look at that ghost.  Look at that spider!  Don't be scared grandma and Nana Rose.  I will protect you and throw my blanket on them if they come close. 

It was time to say Farewell to the creatures of the night haunting this graveyard and head home as Nana Rose had one more project to do--she had to paint Brogan's pumpkins!

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  1. Ooh, that's the place I was trying to remember. I'll have to get over there this year.