Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I was having fun reading this website:
and the actual costume ideas people had suggested.  I laughed so much.
Here are a few examples:

*Tickled Pink -Wear pink clothes and carry a feather.  

*Booby Trap -Wear your bra outside your shirt. Attach two mousetraps.

*Hole in One -Take a piece of cardboard and cut out a large "1". Then cut a hole in the middle of the 1. Attach it to your chest.  

*Self-Absorbed -Attach sponges all over your outfit.

*THE MEN WILL LIKE THIS ONE: God's Gift to Women -Find a box large enough to fit around your body. Cut some holes for your arms and head, and then cover the box with wrapping paper. Add a large bow. Attach a tag that says "TO: Women, FROM: God".  

*Peter Pan -Put a pan on your head and a "Hello My Name Is Peter" sticker on your shirt.

*MacGyver -Just carry a Swiss army knife and a roll of duct tape.  

*All That and A Bag of Chips -Attach a small bag of snack chips to the front of your shirt. When people ask, you can say "I'm all that and a bag of chips...."  

*Nerd -Attach Nerd candy boxes all over yourself.
*Babysitter -Strap a baby doll to your behind and sit on it.

*Goldfinger -Paint one of your fingers gold.

*Blow Up Doll -Cut the valve off of a beach ball or swim toy and attach it to the back of your hand.  
*Pirate and Treasure Chest -He dresses as the pirate. She wears a gold shirt, and attaches gold, silver, and pearl beads, and gold and silver chocolate coins to chest area.  

*Cereal Killer -Take a bunch of empty miniature cereal boxes, stick plastic knives in the sides, paint with red paint or nail polish to simulate blood. Pin the boxes all over yourself.

*Coat of Arms -Cut the arms off several long-sleeve shirts, and attach a stuffed glove to the end of each one. Fill the arms with stuffing and attach them to the back, sides and front of an inexpensive jacket.  
*Dust Bunny -Wear a dirty old white bunny costume and carry a feather duster, or "dust buster" vacuum.

*Center of the Universe- Wear all black, with a few stick-on stars. When people ask what you are, say "I'm the center of the universe."

*Cat's Pajamas -Wear an "instant" cat set (ears and a pin-on tail), with drawn-on nose and whiskers. Then add your favorite colorful pajamas!  

*Starving Artist -Wear a smock, beret, and carry a pallet of paints. Spatter yourself with paints. Carry a sign that says "Will paint for food."

*Cat Burglar -Dress all in black, with a tool belt, bag, etc. Carry a bag with stuffed cats peeking out. Or, tape record cats meowing and carry the tape recorder in the bag. 

*Pig in a Blanket-wear a pig mask and wrap yourself in a blanket.

*Hairy Potter -Wear a huge wig, attach fake hair to your arms and legs. Carry around a bag full of pots and pans.  

*Fashion Police -Dress up in "fashionable" clothing. Wear a police hat, a "Fashion Police" badge, and carry handcuffs. Add a utility belt stocked with make-up and hair products. Walk around handing out "Fashion Violation" tickets.

*Grateful Dead -Use make-up to make yourself look like a corpse. Attach thank you notes to yourself.

*Dead Ringer -Dress like a corpse or ghoul (gray-white powdery skin, dark make-up around your eyes, ragged clothes, etc.). Carry a bell. When someone ask what you are, ring the bell.  

*Sloppy Joe -Wear dirty, wrinkled, ripped clothes. Button the buttons on your shirt wrong, and leave your zipper unzipped. Mess your hair, have an unshaven face, and use make-up to add smudges to your skin. Wear tennis shoes with the laces untied. Wear a name tag that says "Joe."  

*Bloody Mary -Dress normally and wear a name tag that says "Hello I'm Mary." Then cover yourself in fake blood
I was talked into dressing in costume for work on Thursday and Friday!
I may be using one of these ideas for one day!!


  1. I knew a guy that kept threatening to go to a costume party naked wearing roller skates. "I'm a pull-toy" he planned to announce. I told him that kids don't play with pull-toys because the string is usually too short.