Saturday, November 6, 2010


One of my Internet Scrabble friends said I should do a post showing the needlework I do,  I thought that was a good idea!  I love to do needlework, especially needlepoint.  I have designed and sewn many needlepoint Christmas stockings over the years and just about every family member has one! I get ideas for patterns from pictures, coloring books, Christmas catalogues, etc. Needlepoint is fun to do and helps me to relax.  I cannot just sit, my hands must be busy!  You should try it sometime!  Here is a sample of my work.

Needlepoint doesn't have to be for stockings. There are many pattern books or pre-printed things to do with needlepoint.  I have made pictures with needlepoint...
Using plastic needlepoint canvas you can create shaped items:

The hummingbird pictures here is from a pattern guide book, and using 14 count plastic needlepoint canvas.  It is about the size of a real hummingbird!  Not a project for a beginner!!  There are a number of plastic canvas crafting books out there with patterns to make things like grandfather clocks, eagles, cats, dogs, Noah's ark, dolls, etc.  Many can be found on Ebay! And you can usually get them for only a couple dollars!

I have even made a few needlepoint quilt pattern squares and hope to eventually make more for a wall hanging needlepoint quilt!
Try it, you may like it!!


  1. I admire your patience for needlepoint. I did try it once. Like you I need something do with my hands. I use my waiting time to crochet the edges on fleece blankets for the Linus Project. That is very satisfying to me.
    Mary Jean

  2. You might want to look into Hardanger embroidery. It's a Norwegian counted thread embroidery with cutwork. Very pretty, and not all that hard. Not so much color as needlepoint, though.

    You do gorgeous work! Hooray for your red ribbon!!!

  3. Wow, you've been keeping yourself busy! Very impressive.

  4. I had no idea Rose, that you were so crafty. The stockings you made for church were beautiful. What loving talent you share with others.