Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I know that Halloween was awhile back, but I just had to share these photos!
This is little Emma Rose, the daughter of my niece, Jessica.

She is an absolutely adorable little cowgirl!  She is the spitting image of her mother!!
Here she is with her horse and her daddy, John.
He is a very proud papa!!

Here is little Evangeline Hope, the daughter of my nephew, Brian.
She is dressed as a little monkey!

Cutest little monkey I ever saw!

Here is the whole family ready to trick or treat.

I just have to show my son in his costumes!
Jimmy first went trick or treating when he was 21 months old.  He was a cowboy!

The following year he was a Dalmatian dog!  Notice the collar around his neck. It had a leash attached and we took him for a "walk" door to door so he could bark for treats.
This costume got lots of wear as he thought it was fun to pretend to be a dog.
When I find the photos of him as ET and as a firefly I will scan them and add to the blog!

I can show these photo's of him as a teen.  He was a ballerina!

The costume was one of those inflatables with a fan inside to keep you from getting too hot and to keep it inflated!  I was so surprised when he wore it!

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