Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Puddletown Publishing Group is up and running.  On Sunday, March 20th, they had a Launch Party.  They presented four books written by friends of mine which will hit the ebooks stands.
SANNA, SORCERESS APPRENTICE is a book by Roxanna Matthews.  Sanna attends the Thon Academy of Higher Magic and will become a sorceress if she can learn to conform.  Her talents lie within the fiber art of knitting.  Follow her adventures and growth.  Here is the author, my friend Roxanna Matthews.
Roxie is a master knitter and can create just about anything with her talented hands.

VOLUNTEER FOR GLORY is a historical fiction novel written by my friend, Alice Lynn.  In her book, we follow the life of Rachel while her husband, Stuart is off fighting the war in the Union Army.  This book involves a love triangle. 
Here is Alice, and in the photo to the right you can see her book cover over her right shoulder.

The other photo shows Alice reading an excerpt from her book.

KIDNAPPING THE LORAX was written by my friend and the leader of Chrysalis Women Writers at Clackamas Community College, Patricia Lichen.  In Pat's book, three young environmentalists kidnap the
U. S. Secretary of the Interior, whom they dub Lorax.  They take her into the forests of the Pacific NW to "re-educate" her on the environment in hopes that this experience will help her to make better decisions for the planet.  Great book! At one point I was already casting the actors and actresses to play the roles for this to become a movie!
Here Pat reads a selection from her book.  Pat herself has had a few adventures in her life and I think she could write a book on those experiences!

The last of the four is a book written by Susan Landis-Steward entitled BLIND LEADING THE BLIND.  It is a mystery.  The main character, Erik has lost her job, lover and father and discovers her young 14 year-old cousin, Ashley, is missing.  Has she been kidnapped?  Ashley's therapist, Liz Gearhart, wants to help Erik in the search.  Liz is blind but does not let that stop her in anything! Join them on the hunt for Ashley and the mystery surrounding her disappearance. 
Here is Susan all decked out in red, and on the wall behind her are the covers for the 4 books.  Susan is the publisher of Puddletown Publishing Group.

If you want to learn more about Puddletown, you can go to the website:
or contact Susan: susanls@puddletowngroup.com
You will enjoy the books and I highly recommend them!  And if you are an author, contact Susan as to the possibility to enter into epublishing.


  1. This is so awesome! Congrats to all and I've got these books on my TBR list!

    Now, Rose, get your poems in order for a collection. :)

  2. Aw, so nice of you! It was a fun afternoon, wasn't it? Glad you didn't post any photos of me pigging out at the chocolate fountain!

  3. Rose, what a darling you are! Great post! Double thumbs up. Thank you ever so!!

  4. Nice summaries, Rose, and great photos.