Sunday, June 19, 2011


The men are not just here to fire guns at each other and play war.  This is serious business to them and also enjoyment.  Many know quite a bit about the era, about the war, even details of certain battles.
History has infiltrated their lives.


Each has a role to play and they do it with vigor.  They live, breathe, eat their roles.

  I noticed that they seem so comfortable and at ease. 
A time warp had occurred and I had journeyed into it.

They really get into their roles and I find myself imagining them to be my family ancestors.

Their lives were filled with uncertainty.
Their families separated.

Sometimes wives joined their husbands on their difficult journey.
I imagine it must have been a very difficult life.
After each skirmish or battle they must have worried that their loved one would not return to them.

Young sons fought and mothers at home prayed for them to return home.
I imagine that many soldiers carried photographs of their loved ones or letters to read over and over again.

As they waited to go into battle, I am sure many thoughts of family passed through their minds.
I am sure that men felt fear, knowing that this could be their last hour.
They fought bravely for their beliefs.
Men from all walks of life fought side-by-side and against each other.
Sometimes members of families fought on opposite sides.
Next post--the battle!


  1. It must be very interesting to see these reenactments!

  2. What amazing photographs! Thank you for including your thoughts as you watched the re-enactors who honor the memory of those who actually fought in the civil war. I eagerly await your next blog! Well done, Rose! Alice Lynn