Thursday, June 16, 2011


Experiencing a civil war reenactment gives you a glimpse into what it was like for our ancestors who fought for what they believed in.  The people who put on the reenactments work very hard to be authentic in their costumes, camps, cooking, weapons, and talk.  They are very devoted to making their presentations realistic. 

They also give historic information on the times.  Cooking is done as it would have been back in the times of the war.  

The tents and camps are set up as it would have been then.  
The women were very impressive.  This event made me realize just how difficult it must have been for them and how strong they had to be.
I learned that sometimes women accompanied their men to the front to provide comfort and support to them.  Not an easy life.
The women work hard on their costumes and look stunning in them.  With all the underclothing they wore, they must have been very hot.

Sometimes entire families take part in the event.  
Children will be in costumes, and playing games as they had back then.  
Little ones looked so adorable!

Women and girls would be cooking, working on quilts, crochet, knitting, reading, singing, and sometimes dancing.  
If anyone would like to don clothing for the day to see what it is like to live in layers, they even had a small "store" where you could rent or buy clothing.  It even sold goods of the day, such as soap, bonnets, shawls, shoes, jewelry, toys and much more.

The participants looked as though they had stepped out of 
the past.
Some of the women represented very elegant ladies all dress in satin dresses, carrying parasols, bedecked with gloves and jewelry, and toting purses and fans.
Some represented the common woman of meager means, who worked hard and was strong.

  They were all impressive.   I could not imagine how uncomfortable their clothing must have been.

Yet they all wore smiles and greeted everyone warmly.  
Quite impressive!

Enjoy these glimpses into the past, seeing how the women might have been in those days of war and uncertainty.

We sure should be thankful for how easy life is for us nowadays with plumbing, electricity, heating, A/C, ovens, television, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, washing get the idea.

Dip into your imagination.
Think about how life must have been for the women.

In my next post I will show you more of this Civil War reenactment camp and its people.


  1. Hey! I know someone who dipped into her imagination and thought about what life was like for women during the Civil War: Alice Lynn wrote a book called "Volunteer for Glory" that exactly fits your post!

    It's available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble!

  2. Thats exactly what I thought. These wonderful historic photos are a perfect lead in to "Volunters For Glory". I just finished reading it and was blown away, not only by the story, but by the amazing historical detail. Its a great read! And Rose, your photos never cease to amaze me. Thanks for sharing...

  3. Rose, how did I miss this blog when you posted it on the 16th??? I totally love it! Your photos and musings are wonderful. Alice Lynn
    (author of Volunteer for Glory) *blush*