Thursday, September 29, 2011


Last night I attended my second Zumba class at Clackamas Community College.  My conclusion so far is that I left my coordination and rhythm in the 1970's.  That was the last time I danced, so this is why I picked that time.
Here is what Zumba Dance exercise looks like:
I had seen the commercials on television and would think how much fun it looked like they were having.  I always enjoyed dancing many years ago (36 to be exact!) and figured it would be like riding a bike. I had forgotten that once when I tried riding a bike again after many years, it did not go well.  I soon discovered that it would not be so easy to dance.  
I have the willingness and eagerness, but unfortunately my body does not.  Since the last time I had danced I have put on a few pounds (okay, maybe a little more than a few), had a knee replacement, have another knee on the way out, and have aged.  
I also discovered that I seem to have lost my rhythm.  The teacher, a dear friend named Maria, would demonstrate the moves for your legs and feet.  Then she would show what to do with the arms while moving the legs and feet.  Then a few "booty pops" and other body movements are thrown in.  For some reason I could not coordinate it all together into one neat package.  I would get my legs and feet going and forget the arms. If I concentrated on the arm movements, I would find my feet were not moving.  And thus the difficulty of moving several things at once was discovered.  Now I am wondering if I am able to chew gum and walk at the same time?
Another thing is the room where we do the dance exercising.  There are mirrors, HUGE mirrors, and you see yourself looking like an elephant stomping around in ballet slippers.  They also make me face the reality of how I really look instead of hanging on to the image which I hold in my brain and is the one I prefer.
Several of us in the class suggested covering the walls of mirrors, but I doubt that will happen.
I am going to hang in there and see if I can possibly get the hang of Zumba exercise and find my rhythm and coordination.   Who knows, maybe this old lady will achieve the ability to Zumba.  
And maybe even learn to do the "booty pop."  But never outside of the class!    


  1. I don't think I could face a wall of mirrors let alone dance. You are one brave lady. :-)

  2. A few of my friends and I tried Zumba. Unfortunatly they placed me in the middle. What they didn't really understand about me is that I have a really hard time with my left and right moves. You see I was born a lefty and they made me change to a righty. You can see the result already. I was going right when the person on my right was going left and visa versa. They soon moved me to the back to form my own row. What they didn't realize was I got to watch them. I know I laughed the most.

  3. Maria is a darling and knows that it takes a while to learn. Just stick with it. Muscles learn slower than brains. And hooray for you for doing this!

  4. It's got to be good for you, even if you don't completely get it. I encourage you to stick with it. Who knows, it might all come together at some point. Good for you, giving it a chance.

  5. Oh yeah, I'd like to try Zumba sometime. I have a feeling it might be on my Wii in my mirror-less living room, tho!

  6. Rose--did you just type the phrase "booty pops"? :)

    I totally agree about the mirrors. My yoga class has the mirrors covered, and it helps A LOT!

    Still--this looks really hard...even on the slow beats where she "breaks it down."

    Still... it looks fun. I bet you get your groove back in no time. Better'll find your 2011 groove, which migh be a whole other disco ball than your 70s groove!

  7. Heh, "an elephant in ballet slippers" is exactly what I felt like in my Zumba class last night--minus the ballet slippers! But I kept telling myself, "at least I'm working up a sweat!" And I'm feeling it this morning!
    But just think--soon we will be more familiar with the steps and we will also be feeling stronger and fitter. :-)

    Rita S.

  8. I'm not coordinated to look in the surrounding mirrors. I have to watch the instructor to try to put my hips and legs in the same room. Of course, this deludes me into thinking I look exactly like her because she's become my mirror. Win. Win. NOw, Where are those shimmy belts with the bells and discs on them? As Jack LaLane said..."Just keep moving."

  9. journeymother@yahoo.comOctober 7, 2011 at 8:54 PM

    We would be elephants together if I went to Zumba with you! I compromise: ride the exercycle and listen to my favorite music on my stereo in my private office... or go to Curves where there are NO mirrors! But don't give up exercise, Rose! MJR

  10. When I first heard about Zumba, I said "Not for me!". It seems too intense and risky for these old bones. I the slower-paced dancing (like you...without mirrors) the two step, line dancing, waltzing, swing, but admire you for hanging in there in spite of the mirrors.

  11. I've watched some Zumba demos on my computer, while firmly SITTING in my chair. Looks easy and fun. Looks are soooo deceptive.

    When do you submit to this torture?? There are no mirrors near the machines at the gym I go to. Thank goodness. Beth