Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A week ago I got to tag along with Brogan, Bella and family to go to a pumpkin patch.  They had a few fun attractions for the little tikes and a small petting zoo (though a sign warned to watch out for the chicken and rooster--they peck!).   Brogan was in awe of the animals.
Brogan also enjoyed the various rides they offered.  I must tell you, he has no fear!

He slid down the inflatable slide, swung on the twirling swings, and smiled and laughed.

Then Brogan painted his own pumpkin.  I think this was his first experience painting something.   Between Grandma Sue and Nana Rose I am sure there will be more painting experiences in his future.

 They had a wall where people could put their faces into the holes to become the Halloween characters.  Bella became a smiling black cat and Brogan was a mummy, though he thought I said mommy and said, "there's my mommy!"

Then they switched and Brogan was a ghost while Bella became a bubbly pumpkin.

 Of course, Brogan had to strike a pose upon a bale of hay. What a heart breaker!
Brogan and Grandma Sue posed upon pumpkins.  I love the sunflowers in the background.
Then Sue posed with her daughter, Christina, and granddaughter, Bella.
We had an enjoyable time despite a bit of mud.  


  1. What wonderful pictures. And what a great day to share together. I miss having a little pumpkin painter around.

  2. Halloween just isn't the same if you don't have a little one to share it with; though in fact, they probably share it with you. Beautiful photos. How lucky Brogan and Bella are to have you in their lives.