Friday, November 4, 2011


Recently I took a walk on the Clackamas Community College campus to witness autumn's amazing array of brilliance.  It is so fleeting and I wanted to capture some of it to look at when the days are gray.   I love the splashes of color.

Bejeweled leaves glisten like a countess bedecked in diamonds.
And when the sunshine hits them they dazzle with rainbow colors hidden inside each droplet.

Color is flung upon the green grass adding vibrancy to the emerald path.
Color blazes upon each branch, and the sunlight plays tag with the fluttering leaves just before they parachute to the ground.

Dangling like peachy pendants they hang, colorful teardrops waiting the moment they are shed.

As the sunlight dances across leaves, shadows leap and pirouette, and I can hear the winds song influencing them.

Lanced sunlight plays peek-a-boo with me.
As I gaze up through the tree's canopy I feel as though I have entered a Pollock painting.

Some colors are subtle...

...while others scream, "look at me!"

Then there is the delicate wisp of color which pierces the cloudy blue sky and create a lacy rainbow effect.
Gold is not only worn on fingers, necks or wrists.

Mother Nature wears gold splendidly.

I think Mother Nature paints beautifully!


  1. What a beautiful photographic journey. And the text is a poem. Thank you for sharing. Alice

  2. Rose, I was so taken with your blog of fall colors and poetry that I had tears, too.
    This is a wonderful idea and of course, the next chap book all by itself. I just
    loved it and I would buy a copy without hesitation. Keep up the good work. Carl

  3. Those photos are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing all that beauty! :-)
    Rita S.

  4. B'ful composition- of colors and of words :)