Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We has what is referred to as a hoarfrost one day not long ago, and I had a need to escape and wander in a natural setting.  Camera round my neck, I strolled in awe at the thorny frost on the plants. 

Everything was covered in crystalline  thorns which melted at the slightest touch.

Such a magical scene.
I half expected the Snow Queen
of fairy tales to come walking
 down the path toward me.

Everything seemed so hushed and eerie.

I was all alone and wished someone were there so I could say, "Look at this! This is so lovely!"

I snapped away with my camera to share what I witnessed for it is too difficult to describe.
My breath puffed visibly as I sauntered slowly, admiring the icy stillness.

Enjoy witnessing the wonder I discovered.


  1. Oh, so glad you had your camera with you! Hoarfrost is awesome stuff. God is So creative!

  2. It is lovely, Rose. I'm so glad you shared it with us.