Sunday, January 1, 2012



I woke
and mourned
and remembered
the day we opened our scrolls,
looked into each others eyes,
and read our vows;
recalled campfires, games, a thieving squirrel,
sharing experiences together
in peaceful campgrounds, scenic surroundings;
remembered you lifting me
across the threshold of our first house,
laughed recalling the baby skunk experience,
smiled as I pictured the first time
we met our son and you tenderly
touched his hand and held mine.
Moments and memories flashed by,
a movie scrolling through my mind,
filled with joy, laughter, love.
I mourn that this
is all I have left.
There will be no more
pleasurable memories added
to this incomplete film.

I move down the stairs,
turn the corner,
amble behind the recliner
and glance down at you.

This illness seized you,
separated us.
Continual grief
is heartbreaking.


  1. As to the writing, poignantly beautiful. Perfectly encapsulated.

    As to the life, oh, Rose, I am so sorry! No wonder you looked so sad at Chrysalis. Hugs and love and comfort to you, dear girl..

  2. What an exquisite tribute to love and loss, to the memories we treasure and can never replace.