Wednesday, April 11, 2012


"Over 13 million American kids will be bullied this year, making it the most common form of violence experienced by young people in the nation."  This is a quote from the website about the documentary film BULLY.  Some of us know what it is like to be bullied, to be made to feel like you do not fit in anywhere.  This movie is trying to promote all adults and children into up-stander rather than bystander behavior.
This is a nationwide attempt to stop bullying.  No one should be put down, teased, degraded or harassed simply for being different.  We should all embrace differences and be empathetic. 
I was bullied when I was young.  In high school, a girl named Karen would pick on me. One day when I was walking home form the bus stop, she had a group of people surround me and she demanded I fight her. I did not want to fight. I was not one to be confrontational.  I stood there, scared, hugging my books to my chest.  She knocked them from my hands. The crowd was chanting, "Fight! Fight!"
Then, out of the crowd, a girl stepped forward.   She stood between me and Karen and announced, "If you want her you are going to have to go through me first."  Karen backed off.  My savior led me away from the crowd and introduced herself--Maria M.  Maria became my friend after that.  She was actually like a protector, for no one ever bullied me again. She even would screen guys for dating later on!  I was always thankful; that she stepped up at that moment. She made a big difference in my life.
Go to their website to read about the film and the project.  They have a way to demand the movie be brought to your area.  They also have information for parents, teachers, students and advocates to use to  help in the battle against bullying. Support the move and save a life.


  1. Well done Rose for bringing this to light as a reminder that bullying is just not to be tolerated. In Oz we have some pretty good anti-bullying campaigns and programs in schools but none-the-less it still goes on.
    How brave and determined that young girl was to come to your aid. She came forth and said "No!"
    Hope all is well over there in 'your world' Rose
    Fond wishes

  2. A timely topic in today's unsettled society. I am so glad that brave girl Maria stepped forward to defend you.

  3. Good Blog, Rose, and so very true. We've always had bullies, but it seems they now feel entitled to pick on and make fun of kids. I call it the "Beavis and Butthead" syndrome...Thanks Helen

  4. i have been bullied all through my school years