Sunday, July 22, 2012


This week I needed some down time so I took a stroll.  As usual, I toted my camera with me to show what I see.  Often times I look at plants and such and not only see their beauty but also their layers, textures, colors, and uniqueness.  So here I present my views.

I am not sure if these types of flowers are zinnias, but they are so unique in their colorization. I love how the layers draw you in to the "eye."

I love the layer of texture in this one. The tight weave of the cone, the tendrils reaching from under it like little aliens.  And then the smooth petals reaching out like sun rays.

This lovely flower has so many layers.  Now don't laugh, but the very center reminds me of a belly button, an "innie."
Then there is a cute dainty ring of tiny yellow flowers. Under that is a soft burgundy "fur" and cupped petals.
Each piece is so amazing on it's own, but altogether--wow!

I believe these dainty white petals are called alyssium, and the cute little blue flower poking up through the grouping added a dash of color among the white reminding me of a tiny butterfly!
I told you I see things differently.

Here is what I call my "watercolor."  The blurred background gives this one a watercolor effect to it.  I love the daintiness of the flower and the way the bee is "posed" upon it.  A perfectly artistic scene!

I have no idea what this plant is, but the "flower" on it was so unique.  This is my little "planet," and I first thought of Horton hears a Who!  I think I hear them!  Do you??

The center of this flower looks like it has spiky thorns,
yet it is so soft to the touch.  I think the red color of them gives the spikes a more menacing look.  If you notice there is a tiny ant walking on top of them!

I always love to catch insects, especially bees, in my photographs.  They have such wonderful colors and textures.  Notice how you can see the delicate lines in the wings.  See how it's antennae are touching the the flower and the joints in his legs.  Then see the fuzz on his body and its coloration. Cool!!
The flower has lots of tiny little pods which make up one large bud.

Lady bug, lady bug, fly away home.  This one decided to pose for me before taking flight.  Love its little spots.  Looks like it is the center of a floral firework.

I came across a brilliantly yellow-colored spider.  His color against the blue flowers was such a wonderful contrast.
It took some work to get the shot.  At first he was uncooperative and kept moving the opposite side from me. When I moved for a good view, he moved away and did this a few times.  Finally I stopped and had a conversation with him, telling him I would go away and quit bothering him if he would hold still long enough for me to get a couple shots.  It worked!

He posed, I snapped a couple shots, thanked him and he walked away.  I thought I heard him mumbling something about pesky humans, but it was probably my imagination.


  1. Absolutely awesome photos Rose!! My two favs were the big bee on white and the lady bug. Really great photography! :)

  2. i so enjoy your view of the world! Your yellow spider is wonderful, and I totally see the butterfly in the alyssum. Every time you share your photos, it's a blessing to me.

  3. You are a talented photographer, Rose. Lovely photos.

  4. You've outdone yourself yet again! You should be having these published in Flower Magazines or catalogs! Fame and Fortune cannot be turned away from such talent. Thanks for the photos and commentaries! Alice

    1. I love sharing and happy they are enjoyed.

  5. Love the photos, especially the ladybug! You should sell them.

  6. I do. The 4x6 are $5, 5x7 are $10 and 8x10 are $15

  7. Rose, you have and BEAUTIFUL soul! Thank you for share your work and your passion. I enjoyed everything! Love, Maria

  8. Beautiful pictures Rose! Casey S.

  9. I love the way you look at things and notice the beauty which surrounds us and we often do not see. Thank yu fo sharing. Steve

  10. Rose I love looking at flowers through your eyes. You always notice the most wonderful things. Such as an innie. Yup, you nailed it. The first flowers are Zinnias. The one with the spikey center is a Cone Flower. The brilliant yellow flower against the blue was stunning. So glad he cooperated for you.

  11. Such beauty found in those flowers! Love the yellow spider on the purple.

  12. Wonderful shots, love the color shock when I scrolled down to the bee on the was it a onion flower? Bee-utiful, no pun intended.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  13. Loved your stroll and your eye for beauty. Hard to choose a favorite but I loved the shot of the bee against the textured white.
    Blessings today