Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Brogan had his birthday party last Saturday, August 11th, at Mt. Scott Park in Milwaukie, Oregon.  It had a nice playground where the kids had a great time running around, climbing, sliding, swinging and laughing.


 I am a real swinger!

Hanging around.   Makin' music.

There was also an indoor pool where some of the party guests went swimming.  Unfortunately the pool had such a rough surface that several of the children ended up with cuts all over their feet! 
Next time-deck shoes like you wear on a boat.

Brogan's 1 year-old sister, Bella, also had fun.  
She has no fear!

A couple times sliding down with daddy's help and she was soon doing it on her own with us hovering.

The picnic luncheon was enjoyed by all guests, old and young.

Brogan was all smiles and enjoying the day.

There was another party by us which had a band playing music (all older guys with various horns and such).
Brogan's mom asked them to play Happy Birthday while we sang.  All was fine until we began singing.

Apparently he did not like our voices.  He began crying and telling us 
"Don't sing happy birthday. Stop singing."  A music critic already!

Notice what daddy did with masking tape to mommy's Beaver chair. 
Daddy is a Duck (or did mommy say he was a Dick?) 
Brogan was very thrilled to receive a bicycle (with training wheels) from his mommy and daddy.

He liked his new camo Carhart hoodie, especially since he can hide under it.

This toy put a big smile on his face.

A good book is always appreciated and it looks like Brogan and daddy are enjoying it.
This motorcycle toy appeals to boys of all ages.  Boys love their toys.
I think 4 year old Brogan had a very happy birthday!!!!


  1. I think everyone enjoyed Brogan's birthday! I know I did. Thanks for sharing with us Rose. It was delightful!

  2. Looks like a fun party! Love the pictures! YOu do such a great job of capturing the joy on the children's faces. Thanks for sharing...Helen

  3. That kid sure is growing up! I love what his daddy did to his mommy's chair.