Monday, October 8, 2012


I seem to be very busy lately off with friends, seeing plays at Clackamas Community College, church, writing, working on gifts, and much more.  A couple weekends ago I was privileged to photograph a friends wedding.  I was so nervous about it as I usually photograph plants, flowers, bugs, nature and occasionally children.  I was very surprised to see how well the photographs have come out.  I am still working on some edits, but here are a few.
I am just glad that I was not too busy to be there for a friend and take pictures for their special day.

Betsy and John are so in love.  They are both such wonderfully caring people.  I am glad to call them friends.


  1. Oh Rose you must be awfully pleased - the photos really do look lovely, you've been creative and, you've captured their obvious love and happiness beautifully!!

  2. The bride should be happy with those ones, she looks rather lovely.

  3. Congrats to the happy couple!

    Personally I have a W.C. Fields attitude about weddings. In that they better have a well stocked bar. I've been that way since I saw me on video trying to dance. It wasn't pretty.

  4. Lovely photos. The bride and groom are going to cherish them