Sunday, February 17, 2013


Today I had to make a stop at Michael's Craft store to get something to repair a necklace chain.  Then, of course I had to browse.  They have these lovely boxes on sale for 30% off.  I found 5 cute ones to use for various storage ideas.  When I went to check out they said if I provided my email address, I could get another 25% off. WOW! Great deal.
I love the colors of this one.
Here is a top view.
It measures about 18" x 10" x 4".

Here is a side view of the front.
Perfect size for holding magazine and such on the coffee table shelf.

This one currently sits beside my stained glass lamp.
Butterflies seem to go with the floral lamp.  They also make me think of my writing group--
Chrysalis: Women Writer's.
It measures approximately 10" x 10" x 5".
I am story remotes and calculator in this box. It is not as colorful but still lovely, and I like the words on it.
It is about16" x 8"x 3".
This box is designed like a small suitcase.  I put plastic guards on the four bottom corners as they are metal and I did not want scratching of the furniture.

This box will sit by the phone downstairs and hold pens, pads and such.  
It is about 6"x6"x4".
I love its words: HOPE - Dream - INSPIRE.
I am thinking about going to get a few more for pretty stylish storage.


  1. They are gorgeous Rose, a great buy and I was very surprised as I too love butterflies, and, I collect pretty boxes!
    Yes, HOPE - DREAM - INSPIRE :)

  2. Rose, I love using decorative boxes and tins for storage. They are all lovely. I have a set of tins that I picked up ages ago similar to the one with the big butterfly. Haven't used them yet. Thinking they will be great storage in the craft room.