Sunday, March 3, 2013


When I was driving home after church and lunch with friends, I spotted a young man walking slowly, arms outstretched to his side, eyes gazing upward.  I slowed as I approached and rolled my window down.  He was singing to God!  I did not recognize the song from what little I heard as I passed, and maybe it was a song he was creating in the moment. 
What I found moving was the fact that he was not inhibited in giving praise. He did not think, "I should be quiet as others may think I am crazy."  He followed his feelings in that moment to give thanks to his Lord.
It touched me.
How often do we avoid even speaking of our beliefs, our Lord, afraid we might be judged.  Why should we be fearful to be judged as religious,  "Jesus freaks," Bible thumpers?
Why should we avoid sharing our faith, living our faith?
I plan to be more open more often as to my love of Jesus, of God.  I am always thankful, but now I hope to make others be thankful as well. 
Maybe I can help them to see and appreciate the world God gave us by using my photography?
By being compassionate, caring and sharing maybe I can be an example for others to lead a Christian life?
It doesn't matter that others judge us, for the only judgement that should mean anything to us is that by God.


  1. Rose, you already are a splendid advertisement for God's love and joy. Blessings on you.

    1. Thank you, Roxie, for such a sweet compliment. You live God's word as well. You are there for friends and family!

  2. Rose, this is so true. I have a strong faith, but keep it to myself most of the time. We should all sing praises to the Lord. I can just picture the young man. How moving!

  3. This reminds of the scene in Joe Versus the Volcano where Tom Hanks thanks God for his life when he's on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Have you seen that movie, Rose? I strongly recommend it if you haven't.

  4. You are absolutely right, Rose. I was just able to return to my weekly Bible studies on Wednesday nights, and I realize how much I've missed talking, sharing & studying with my women friends. I can only go if Mickey goes to the men's Bible study, since I can't drive at night anymore due to my macular degeneration, and he agreed!

    Regarding your first post: I thought I was the only woman who put on my bra from the front, then I twist it around. Now I'm glad I do since I wouldn't be able to get the job done otherwise due to my arthritis.

  5. You are a wonderful example of someone who shares love and kindness and caring. You live your life with a Christian outlook. Blessed to know you, Al

  6. Rose, all these years of knowing you I have always seen God shine from you. You have always been an inspiration of how to live and love. Thanks so much for your friendship! Lynette

  7. You are the most beautiful soul I have ever known. You have touched me and this is why I am going back to read all of your posts. I feel that you can be inspiring, you are kind and loving and caring, and you have walked through difficult times and now you are a glowing example to people! You deserve to be blessed and loved. Thank you for touching my life. RR