Saturday, June 29, 2013


Today I attended a Soul Collage workshop put on by  Esther, a friend.  I find it interesting and a great form of expression.  Here is the soul collage I made today.
I am the one who dances among nature.  I used to love to dance and enjoyed the freedom I felt in the movement of my body.  Now, in a way, I dance among nature when I am out taking my photographs.  The flowery background represent the colors and beauty of nature.  The butterfly on her hand is representative of my growth and preparation for flight.  The 2 geese represent my beginning of flight with assistance and guidance from friends and family (one goose me and one the friend/family).  The little tree so solitary in its landscape represents me feeling alone and solitary at times.
After finishing the workshop in Molalla, I headed home and happened to stop a garage sale on my way.  I bought a few items.  I probably really shouldn't have, but they appealed to me.
This kitty nativity set just really made me smile and I was able to get it for $5.  I find it adorable.  I am sure I know a couple others (Roxie & Lisa) who would have snatched it up if they had seen it!!
This cute little shelf sitting kitty was only 50 cents!
This little kitty just appealed to me and was only 50 cents. She has flowers painted on her back.

This towel and oven mitt made me laugh, and was a bargain at $1.
This little trivet was only $1 and it has cats on it, too! Can you tell I love cats?
Then I spotted this cute little tin and since it was only 50 cents it was added to my cart.

Finally I saw this little storage cabinet for only $10 so just could not resist, even though I should have.  I did resist the larger one marked at only $15. 
It is hand-painted and so lovely. I am not sure what kind of flowers they are, but they appeal to me.
It opens to store items and Mooshoo (the cat) right away jumped in and checked it out.  But it will not be a place for her. After she jumped out, Kala, the other cat, was trying to see inside, but since she is a 20 lb. butterball, I had to lift her up and in to get a look. She lay down and began purring so I allowed her a few minutes before booting her out.
So it was a nice day all around.  What do you think of my bargains?


  1. Rose, the kitty nativity is just precious! I have never seen anything like it. The box looks as though it was hand painted with love. I love your interpretation of your collage. You need to treat yourself to a little something now and then. It can be lonely by yourself. Thanks goodness you have your kitties!

  2. Well you KNOW I will love the kitty goodies. And you storage box is wonderful. So you! Maybe the flowers are magnolias? The kitty nativity is adorable! The magi are Siamese, Persian and Abysinian, aren't they?

  3. Your collage rocks, by the way. Beautiful.

  4. Looks like you picked up some neat stuff at that yard sale. Might have bought the kitty nativity scene, myself, had I been there. It's cute. I love your Soul Collage and all the meaning you put into it. It's beautiful.


  5. Cool collage. And I love the kitty nativity. :)

  6. I think your bargains were a real snap Rose. My daughters are cat lovers and would be envious!
    Your collage was very poignant and said a lot.
    Wishing you a peaceful week Rose.

  7. You do indeed love cats, and the person selling the items must have also. Bootsie approves.