Thursday, July 18, 2013


I just finished watching the movie 42.  This movie is worth watching more than once!
Harrison Ford was great as Branch Rickey, the manager and executive of the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Playing the role as the remarkable Jackie Robinson was a superb actor, Chadwick Boseman.  He hit it out of the ball park!  
I had heard of Jackie Robinson and knew he had played baseball, but that was about it.  I had no idea of the historic part he played in baseball.  Jackie was the first African American to play Major League baseball.  It sounds so simple but back in 1945 racism and discrimination was very prevalent.
Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson with Branch Rickey when Jackie signed his contract

Branch Rickey knew that it would be very difficult for Jackie and he talks about the difficulties that will be faced by Jackie in this historic move.
At one point in the movie, Branch and Jackie are talking:
Jackie: "Do you want a player that doesn't have the guts to fight back?"
Branch: "No, I want a player whose got the guts NOT to fight back."
I was wowed by this statement.  It can be a mantra for many people.
Then Branch says to Jackie:
 "Like our Savior, you've got to have the guts to turn the other cheek."
And if ever someone had to do that, it was Jackie in his challenge to be able to play baseball.
I cried as I heard the words said to him, how hurtful and hateful they were.  It was hard to watch the difficulties he and Branch faced.  Together they made history and knocked down a thick, heavy wall of prejudice and hatred.  
In one scene Branch Rickey receives a telephone call from the pitcher for the Phillies, Herb Pennock, who said that the Phillies would not take the field to play the Dodgers if Jackie was going to be there.
Branch says to him, "Do you think God likes baseball, Herb?"
Herb: "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
Branch: "It means someday you're gonna meet God and when he inquires as to why you didn't take the field against Robinson in Philadelphia and you answer that it's because he was a Negro, it may not be a sufficient reply."
Nuff said!!
When Jackie faced pitcher Fritz Ostermueller, Fritz kept pitching poorly and giving Jackie 'balls.'  Jackie said to him: "What are you afraid of?"
Then he pitched and Jackie hit it out of the park for a home run.
What were they afraid of?  A difference in color of skin?
Wasn't Jesus a man of color?
Your skin does not show what you are truly like, it does not mean you are better or worse than anyone else.  How you live, act, and treat others in your life is what shows the kind of person you are, NOT the color of your skin. 
This movie should be seen by every one and, when you feel prejudice sneaking in, watch it again to remember how hurtful that is.
Oh, in one scene it showed a man with his young son in the stands watching the game and the father was shouting racial slurs.  His son started to do the same, as he was following the example set by his father.  A statement on raising children and how they pick up things from us!
Go watch this movie and bring along some tissues to wipe your tears.


  1. Hi Rose, my hubby and sons are big baseball fans so I do know a bit of the history of Jackie Robinson. Hubby and I are going to watch the movie tomorrow. I'll keep the tissue handy.

  2. Loved the movie, Rose and loved your blog about it! Thanks Helen

  3. Sounds like a great movie. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Rose, just watched it and cried at the beginning, the middle, and the end. What can I say, I'm a big boob! Not in the literal sense. lol! Hop over and see my new post.
    hugs my friend,