Friday, July 5, 2013


I am Pearl Purr and my "birth mother" was Roxie M.  I am a little kitty angel (notice my wings and halo) now temporarily living with Rose, my foster mommy, until I enter the home and life of Brogan on his birthday.  He does not know about special little me yet.  
I have been exploring the home of my foster mommy, Rose.
I met Kala, who is one of the other kitties of this home.  She got very personal right off, sniffing me at my private area! 
Then I met Mooshoo, who was rather aloof and  did not seem excited at all.  I guess I did not impress her much.  She is quite bossy and told me this was "her space" and I needed to move. Well!
This kitty turns out to be a very distant cousin of mine!  She is so pretty and colorful and very confident!
This kitty is also somehow distantly related but hard to understand as she speaks another language.  She is kinda regal and not as relaxed as me.
This is Roxie Doll.  She is quite a colorful character.  She is rather provocative but so much fun!  Foster mom Rose says she is rather like someone named Mae West mixed with my birth mommy!  I love her!
We had quite a chat filled with laughs.
I took some time to stop and smell the flowers and LOVE roses now!
 Rose showed me a really pretty globe she has made of various stones.  We chatted about traveling and  I thought that Australia looked pretty and sounded interesting.
Rose likes root beer and after having a taste, I like it, too.  Mmmmmm!
This lovely young lady lives in the home, too, and I was so stunned at her beauty.  I loved her hat!
So Roxie Doll had me try on her hat and I think I look cute in it!  What do you all think?
High up on a shelf I found this sweet little bluebird.  He says his name is Happiness.
He did make me smile.
Happiness told me that a Cuckoo bird lives in this little house on the second floor above these dancing people, but try as I did, I could not coax Cuckoo to come out to see me.  Guess he is shy.
I am enjoying my time in my foster mommy's home, but do look forward to the day I move to my forever home with Brogan.
I hope he will like me!


  1. I like it. You make dolls too?

  2. This is so cute! You could make it into a picture book!!! Yes? Alice

  3. How many cats do you have? They are all so cute.


  4. Brogan is going to have so much fun with his curious kitty angel. I'm just betting that when provocative Roxie Doll laughed those blessed bosoms jiggled. lol!
    What a fun and entertaining story Rose. It made me smile!

  5. Pearl Purr is awesome, and just as winsome and charming as you are. Rose, I can't tell you what a delight this post is. I'm going to link to my blog if you don't mind? Hugs and love!!

  6. -chuckle- too cute Rose, I just loved it!