Thursday, August 15, 2013


Brogan (pictured with Gramma Sue) is now 5 years old and loves to tell everyone.  
He received quite a big gift from his mommy and daddy:

It is an inflatable shark water slide. Notice the large teeth!  He was so thrilled!!!

The birthday boy looks very happy to me!!
Brogan likes his ranch dressing with a little pizza.
Brogan had a dinosaur cake with a volcano on it.
He blew out the candle and the girl watching seemed so nervous!  

Dad started cutting the ice cream cake and Brogan began serving slices.  Looks good!
Uhhh, careful with that knife!!!
Can you tell there was blue frosting on Brogan's slice of cake?  LOL
He thought his blue smile was very funny! And he loved his ice cream cake!
Brogan was the happy recipient of Pearl Purr, a knit cat puppet made by my creative friend, Roxie.  
He loved his new puppet.

He thought it was funny when Grammy Rita made his puppet talk.
As soon as Bella saw it, we heard, "Kitty! Meow, meow!" and she took off with it.  
We promised Brogan he would get it back.
WOW! Look at the cool game Nana Rose got for me.
He received lots of other gifts as well.
The boys then played baseball for a bit.
Brogan kept his eye on the ball as instructed.
Notice the concentration on his face.
"Keep my eye on the ball. Keep my eye on the ball. SWING!
Hey! I thought I hit it but somehow it ended up down there.
Silly ball."
Guess which team Brogan roots for...
Brogan had a great 5th birthday!


  1. That is one spoiled kid! Sincerely, Brogan's Momma

  2. Brogan has lots of loving grownups to make his birthday fun! Hooray for all of you!

  3. wow, what a great slide for Brogan! Love the faces when he's up to bat. Nothing quite like blue frosting lips to end the day. Cute boy and cute face!

  4. Precious pictures of Nana Rose's little boy! Lynette