Friday, August 30, 2013


August 11th I visited the Oregon Gardens with my dear friend, Sue, and grandson, Brogan.  I was not sure that Brogan would find it much fun or very interesting, but I was wrong. 
He immediately announced that he was our guide and we were to follow him.
"Follow me!"
Grandma Sue and Brogan

Of course, Nana Rose had to be silly, and I would duck behind something or go down a "wrong" path and say, "Oh no, I am lost!  Help!"  Brogan would find me and say, "Nana Rose, you are silly!"

We saw beautiful water lilies in the ponds.
Brogan discovered that there were frogs in with the lilies and spotting them became his primary goal.
"There's a frog, Nana Rose! Take a picture!"
 "Look, there's a really big one in the water! Take a picture!"
Then he spotted the large koi and, of course, Nana Rose had to take pictures through the murky pond water.
 When I Looked at the results, the reminded me of old koi paintings I had seen!
We saw lots of lovely plants and flowers.
A "pond" serpent greeted us...
then swam off!


Brogan loved all of the water features and kept saying he wanted them in his backyard.  
I told him he would have to discuss that with his daddy!

We saw cute features, sculptures, and topiary's.
I love the butterfly bench above and the cute and unique gate below.

Brogan posed with some of the scenery, grandma, and hugged a tree!
In the children's area we discovered a Hobbit house!!!!
See Brogan inside?
There he is!!
And I think THIS looks like the Dr. Seuss Truffula trees!!!!
Brogan was a very happy little boy and enjoyed every minute!
So did Grandma Sue and Nana Rose!


  1. Brogan is a lucky man to be so cherished and appreciated. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  2. Don't small children just make the day so much more delightful? It's so cute. It looked like a beautiful and relaxing day, too. Thank you for sharing the pictures, as it's been a while since I've been able to get away to an any of the beautiful gardens around here. Lynnette

  3. Brogan is such a cutie and it's easy to see that he had so much fun! Rose, I would be doing the same thing. Pretending to be lost and hiding now and then. Gotta make those grandies laugh!