Sunday, October 27, 2013


Last weekend I was feeling a bit down so I grabbed my camera and headed off to a new place I had never been to before - Tryon Creek State Park in West Linn, OR.  I was consulting with a young man in the nature center there as to trails and I suddenly heard a voice holler out, "If it isn't Rose, the famous photographer."   I turned to see my friend and fellow writer (very talented author of 3 nature books and a novel, Kidnapping the Lorax) Pat L.  She had decided to take a leisurely stroll through the park as well.
We chatted for a bit and she showed me that they had her nature books for sale there.  Then she decided to do a few things and would catch up with me on the trail for a little time together.  I told her I was a slow hiker, always stopping to look, smell and listen to everything.  She was surprised that when she did catch up with me I had not gone very far.  That's me, enjoying the scenery.
I loved the way some of the moss embellished branches looked with the backlight of the sunshine;  Almost like they had an aura about them.
There were not as many trees changing color in this park as most were firs, but the few there looked brilliant with the sun behind them. I was so glad I had waited until the afternoon to take this walk.
It was overpowering to look straight up at the towering firs.  They created such a unique design.  There is design everywhere in nature.
The tree trunks were often covered in moss and ferns.  It makes for wonderful textures that tend to soften the hardness of the bark.
In one area I came upon, there were thousands of reeds (bamboo??) growing.  It was like a natural screen and created wonderful texture.  I half expected a lion to be hiding there.  Of course, there are no lions in the wild in Oregon.
Throughout the hike I was trying to spot birds.  Unfortunately I could hear them in some areas but could not spot them. Sometimes a leaf or pine cone would fall and I would look hoping it was a bird. At one point I could hear a tapping, and finally spotted this little character on a tree.I am not sure if it is some kind of woodpecker (sure Pat would know) or another bug seeking bird.
Tryon Creek was pretty low but still pretty.
This growth brought to mind the bones of a dinosaur covered in forest growth.  Really rather eerie.
 I spotted a few fungi, not sure if mushrooms or toadstools.
One rock stood out among many in the stream.
On the way home after my hike at Tryon, I stopped at Mary S. Young State Park for a quick peek before the sun set completely.
I loved the reflection in the river of the colorful fall trees.
Such a nice end to the day.
I needed that, because as the day approaches marking 1 year since my husband died,  a lot of emotions have been tumbling around inside me.  Fall is the mark of an end of a season, so it seems so apropos.  
A life ends and yet life goes on.  


  1. I can only but imagine the emotions tumbling within you Rose at this time, but am trusting that the sheer beauty of nature has calmed your soul and brought peace as your images so beautifully reflect.

  2. Those pictures were pure nature. Totally awesome!

  3. It's ok to be sad. The anniversaries will get easier every year. You are taking good care of yourself. Plan some special comfort for your memorable day. Hugs and love and lots of prayers. YOur photos dare such a blessing!

  4. A lovely tour, Rose. You always capture those perfect moments and perfect images that bring us into the picture. I think I know your feelings as the anniversary date of your husband's death nears, as the season brings my own anniversaries. Loss and beauty burn deep in our hearts as the cycles of life continue to turn. Alice

  5. Gorgeous light in these shots.

  6. Rose, what a sad anniversary, I hope that the time in the forest helped you a bit. You have some gorgeous photos, and they remind me so much of the coast.


  7. Sweet Rose, I can not believe that it has been a year since your deer hubby passed. I'm sure that it seems like an awfully long time to you. I pray that the Lord will comfort you. I can only imagine how hard it is. You took some glorious pictures and I loved them! And yes, you are an amazing photographer!

  8. Oh Rose, I am SO sorry to read about this sad anniversary coming up.Sending lots of hugs your way.

    Love NEVER dies, one comfort that always helps me. Our loved ones never really leave us when they pass on.

    Take care, G
    My Poetic Path

  9. PS: I hope my first comment went through, forgot to mention, great photos! Looks like a beautiful place to visit. :<)

  10. Truly beautiful photography, Rose. Thanks so much for sharing! Take care...Helen