Wednesday, March 19, 2014


My kitchen has new granite countertops and back splash tile now and I love it!
This is one side of my kitchen, like a buffet area with cabinets above and below. The cabinets throughout my home are red oak, so I had to pick granite and tile to go with it.
Here is the other side of the kitchen. One end closest to you in the picture is a bar.  I have a couple barstools to place there.
The photo above shows how well the back splash tile and granite go together.
I also had the built-in desk in the attached familyroom done with granite.
The guest bathroom upstairs has laminate countertop that is damaged, so having it done as well with same granite as the contractor (a friend) has some leftover to do it! YEA!
My fireplace has rock tiles around it now and I love it!
Just a bit of edging and cleanup to do, but this rock tile is much better than the old gray/pink 12" ones  that had been there.  
Next is painting and carpet!


  1. A granite top to a desk in a guest room. Now that will be useful if your guest spills a hot mug of cocoa on the desk! But it might feel less comfortable if your guest puts his elbows on the desk with his head cupped in his hands!

  2. So beautiful!! You have a fantastic eye for color and scale.

  3. Looks awesome, the granite tops would be great for my son and daughter who never fail to spill some drink at least once a week.

  4. Wow. What a ton of work. Looks beautiful, Rose. It's so nice.

  5. Beautiful choice of colors for counter tops and back splash! It's something you deserve, my dear. Enjoy!

  6. Oh Rose any inconvenience has been worth every second - the remodelling is exquisite!! Your choice for the splash-back with the granite is perfection. It looks a treat (the whole kitchen looks like something out of a magazine) and it must be an absolute joy to work in. I adore what you have done with the kitchen window!
    Dear girl, really! a brilliant job!! Looking forward to more pics after painting and carpet.

  7. Ever so lovely and. . . looks like it will be easy to keep clean! A bonus!

  8. Hi Rose,
    Oh how fun to have a kitchen remodel! It looks lovely, so shiny! Lucky You!

  9. It looks beautiful. Kellie

  10. Love your remodel! Lynette

  11. Rose, everything looks so fresh and new! You really did well on picking the granite and tile. You WILL love it! How exciting for you to have it done. We have a desk area in our kitchen that has granite on it. The only thing that is crazy, is that they didn't even put an outlet there. Wonder what they were thinking? Would have been a nice spot for my laptop. They put one on the end of the bar and it sure is handy.

  12. Oh my goodness Rose! How beautiful. I love the wood, the granite, it's all just lovely. Whoop de doo for you. Have fun ❤️

  13. That looks GREAT, Rose...and it does look SO much like my daughter's that it is uncanny! The whole thing looks beautiful! xo Diana