Tuesday, June 10, 2014


We celebrated Bella's 3rd birthday on Mother's day, May 11th.  It is hard to believe she is already three!
She enjoyed opening her gifts and her brother, Brogan, was more than happy to assist her.
Grandpa watches all the fun.
 Bella's baby doll closes her eyes when she lies down. Bella would say GO TO SLEEP BABY and put her down, then wake her up.
Bella also got a Minnie Mouse doll. She loves Minnie Mouse.
Bella had a Princess cake. That is her dad in the background who just had to get in the picture.
She loved her cake!
She tasted it before she blew out the candles!
She prepares to blow!!
A happy birthday girl.
Mmmmmm! Good cake!
Brother Brogan liked the cake as well.
Grampa enjoyed the party...zzzzzz! Maybe he is dreaming of toys!


  1. What a sweet birthday chronicle. This is will be a gift she will enjoy throughout the years. :-) Happy Birthday, Bella! Alice

  2. -chuckle- Grandpa got it right Rose!!
    What an adorable and happy little birthday girl. She so obviously loved her gifts and that cake is amazing!

  3. You are such a great photographer! What a fun party.

  4. Precious pictures of Bella & Brogan! What a beautiful smile, too. Yes, they do grow up much too fast, although it's wonderful to enjoy them at each stage of their lives.


  5. Awww - what sweet shots!

  6. Hi Rose, What a precious little girl! Sweet Bella....lovely name too! Family is a beautiful thing to have and I hope you are doing well! I read you went to the concert with your best friend...that's wonderful! My prayers and blessings for you~~~Roxie

  7. People kept telling me, "enjoy your kids while they are small, because they grow up fast." Yeah, I was looking at pictures the other day of mine when they were that age and I was amazed at how fast time flew by.

  8. Rose the bird pics are fabulous. So cute little Bella and her birthday. Love the princess cake. Very sweet.