Tuesday, August 26, 2014


A couple weeks ago Brogan had his 6th birthday celebration.  Water fun was the theme since it was very hot out.  A water slide into a pool was a big hit with the kids!  There was also a slip and slide as well as a water play table.  We adults spent time relaxing in shade, chatting and eating!
Brogan enjoyed opening his gifts and really took his time with each one! 
 Can you tell what team he cheers for?
Look what I got, grammy!!
 One of the gifts I gave him was a roll-up towel with pillow attached and he had to try it out right away. 
I am told he has been laying on it---in the house!
His dog, Maddie, wanted to get in on the fun.
Maddie is a duck hunter and such a sweetheart!
He received some very interesting toys.
 Most of the kids at the party were girls--Brogan's little harem!
He liked the Smokey the Bear that Nana Rose gave him (I am she!).
Checking her out! Like father, like son!
WOW!  I got $6 from great-grandpa!!!  Cool!
Smile for grandma Sue!!
Brogan had a great time!


  1. It is great to see the children enjoying each moment of a celebration.

  2. Brogan is such a cutie! Love the photo of him hugging Smokey. Got a good laugh at him checking out the girl. lol! Happy Birthday to Brogan!!

  3. This young fellow obviously had a marvellous birthday, and he's a very handsome young man too!
    (Love that dog!!)