Sunday, September 6, 2015


I went to the Swan Island Dahlia Festival the other day and took LOTS of pictures! Hard not to when surrounded by so much beauty. This first post will show some of the shots I took of the koi in a pond they have.  I must tell you it was good to get out and a bit bothersome.  Thursday I had ended up in the ER and was rushed right in because my doctor thought I'd had a stroke when I told her I woke up from a nap and the left side of my face was numb. So off I went. I had so many tests done, hooked up to so many machines, MRI of head and cartoid artery in neck, x-ray of chest, and who knows what else as it all went so fast!But the end result was my brain is great (who'd a thought!), cartoid artery is fine, and heart is fine.  I have Bells palsy!  The left side of my face is paralyzed. Eating is difficult and have to be careful not to bit tongue or lips. I must use a straw on the right side of my mouth to drink sips at a time. Must do constant moisturizing eye drops in left eye and keep it taped shut at night as does not close all the way and drying out could be very bad for it.  The left side of nose is affected and sometimes drips. Plus speaking is difficult!  It is bothersome and embarrassing.  I was given medications to take and told it should go away within 2 weeks but could take longer. I hope not!  So an escape was great but when people would try to talk to me, I felt embarrassed as it is hard to make some words.  Plus you can see that side sags, my eye sags, and my smile is half of one. 
But the beauty helped a lot. So as I edited my koi photos, I did them using the artistic part of my photo program. Here goes, hope you like them.
The three above are done in the dry brush technique, which I thought was nice for them. 
The above seven photos are done using watercolor technique.  
So, what do you think?
I do sell photographs. Anyone interested just let me know! I am very reasonable on prices 
(my friends say too low!).


  1. Three cheers for you, Rose. You are an inspiration! Glad you were able to see the Dahlia Festival! Love your goldfish (koi) photos. With your spirit, I am sure you will be over this health set back in record time! Love, Alice

  2. Absolutely Fabulous. Great Job! June

  3. Bell's Palsey? Oh, Rose, you poor dear. What a terrifying experience! So glad it WASN'T a stroke. How did you do with the MRI? I don't mind it, but I know some people get terribly stressed by it. Are you going to try to work with the stiff lip?

    I like the watercolor technique pictures best. They look just stunning!

  4. Sorry to hear about the health issue. That sounds ,at the very least,uncomfortable. I do hope and pray that is is resolved quickly. The pictures are amazing. Photography is a wonderful distraction during tough times.

  5. These photos are stunning. I've tried the watercolor technique on several photos, but haven't been pleased with my end product. These are wonderful. I'm glad you're up and about.

  6. Your photos are beautiful, Rose!
    Mary Alice

  7. Hi Rose :)

    Your pictures are beautiful. I'm so sorry to hear of your health issues. I pray that you'll be okay.

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog :)


  8. Dear Rose ~ I pray that you'll soon be much better.

    Your photos are beautiful. It is so much fun playing in art programs.

    Have a nice week and be well ~ FlowerLady

  9. Hi Rose,
    I like how the dry brush shows the water ripples. (Dry? Water? How ironic?)
    Beautiful work as always, my friend.

  10. Really cool shots Rose and I love the watercolor effect! Hope you are doing better!! Our youngest son had Bells Palsy once after visiting the dentist. It did go away after a few weeks, but he felt a little embarrassed as well. Hard to smile when only half of your face works properly.

  11. Your stroke comment was a bit scary, Rose. I had a TIA in 2008 so I know that sense of panic. So happy that wasn't the case with you. The koi are gorgeous.