Monday, September 7, 2015


Ah, the saga continues. Most everyone who knows me knows I tend to take lots of photographs. I do that because for every ten you possibly get one great shot.  So my tendency is to go a bit overboard. Then when the editing begins I have so much to sort through. This will be another part of the visit and show some of the photographs, more to come later!
Dahlias are so colorful and have so many varieties of shapes and sizes.
Swan Island Dahlias has over 300 varieties! They even sell online and through catalogue.
 I love to do close-up shots and get thrilled when a bee pops in to the shot!
 This shot above I took a little artistic look of ripple effect. It is fun to play!
Both above I used artistic effect on them.
This is a sampling of the photographs!  I will have to do another post or two later on!
Enjoy !


  1. Simply stunning Rose! So many unique and colorful Dahlias. I don't know why, but when I plant them in my pots I don't have great success. I use to plant some in the ground at my previous home. One year I ordered Dinner Plate Dahlias from Breck and they were gorgeous! Need to try some here.

  2. WOW!!! Thanks for each and every picture. I love Dahlias,but can't seem to grow them.I would be taking so many pictures at a place like that.How can you stop,when there is so much beauty around!

  3. Hi Rose, Beautiful photos of gorgeous flowers. The perfect start for a photo book of blooms. I love the photo editing you add. What wonderful cards these would make.
    I read your comment on another blog that you just came down with BP. I am so sorry to read that and I hope you feel better soon. Another blog friend Jan from Jan's Place had this twice and she may have a lot of info for you if you have the time to visit her. Prayers for you. cm

  4. You have always seen beauty in the world, These are so lovely they cheered my day! Joanie XXX

  5. You have such a good eye for what makes a lovely photo. I'm wondering if you ever get stung by bees?

  6. I had no idea how many colors and types of dahlias there were. Just beautiful! You are so fortunate to live in such an amazingly picturesque state as Oregon. Lynette

  7. I just want to wallow in the fluffy petals!

  8. Hi Rose,
    Absolutely gorgeous dahlia pics. I am always stopping at a roadside stand to buy fresh dahlias. The colours of yours are so very beautiful! Have a wonderful week! Karen

  9. I love dahlia flowers and these are all so pretty. I think I like the solid white one most of all, how gorgeous!!!

  10. Hi Rose :)

    Those are some gorgeous flowers and your camera work really did them justice.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment :)


  11. OK Rose you have to let me know where those 4000 ft square building are to shop in?

    I was reading your comment on Polohouse shopping at the Alameda flea market