Saturday, January 9, 2016


I spend Christmas eve and Christmas day with my Oregon family. My best friend, Sue, and I have known each other since 1967 so we are very close. When my husband died, her family "adopted" me, complete with an adoption certificate signed by them all.  I was so touched. So here is a look at Christmas eve today. First a look at the needlepoint stockings I made for Bella (4) and Brogan (7) after they were born.
Here are some of the others I made for the family.
Christina and Jeremy are Sue's kids.
 Here is the one for Sue, my dearest friend, and Weston, Christina's husband and the father
 to Brogan and Bella.
Introducing Christina with dog, Maddie, and her husband, Weston.
Here is Brogan (quite the character) and Bella on her Uncle Dennis. She is always active and on the move and quite the little monkey!
This is my dear friend, Sue.   She brightens my life and we have fun together.
Christina, Weston, and Uncle Dennis.  Dennis has done all the work on my manufactured home and built my catio! He is a contractor.
Here is Dennis, his wife, Michelle, and Dewey. Dewey and Dennis are brothers.
Brady, Brogan, Bella and Cody
Brady and Cody belong to Dennis and Michelle
 Get a little wine in these girls and giggles flow. Jeremy, Sue's son, watches.
Here is Sue, her grand daughter, Bella, and son, Jeremy
It was a very nice Christmas eve dinner (prime rib!).  Weston is always the cook and he did a great job!  Now next time it will be Christmas day and paper flying!


  1. Hi Rose, I am so happy that you had such a fun family to spend Christmas with. What a treasure you have been gifted! Your stockings are beautiful, I can't imagine doing all of that needlework! May 2016 bring much joy and peace to you! Blessings, Cindy

  2. That is just so sweet for them to adopt you.They look like a loving and happy family.

  3. Rose, I am so glad that you have a wonderful family that adopted you! I think you are as much as a gift to them as they are to you!

  4. What a happy and loving time you had. Thanks for sharing. May 2016 bring you many more happy times with this family. It's wonderful that they adopted you.


  5. What a wonderful family to have. I remember reading about your catio, but cannot remember if I saw it finished. Are you a Jackson Galaxy fan? My daughter is a big fan, and went out to meet him a year or two ago. xoxo Su

  6. so wonderful to have friends for many years - they are true friends. Beautiful needlepoint stockings. Have a great week.

  7. Such a lovely family and so special to be 'adopted' by them! It's wonderful to have a friend that shares so much. Your needlework stockings are wonderful and treasured keepsakes. Easy to tell that Dennis and Dewey are brothers! So nice to have such helpful friends, too. xo Karen

  8. Hi Rose, your photos from the holidays are so special. Lovely time with your dear friends. Love the stockings. Gorgeous needlepoint! Blessings for a nice week. xo

  9. Looks like a fun bunch to spend time with!

    xo Dianne

  10. Hi Rose, this post touched me. It's so nice to know you have such a dear friend for so many years. There's nothing quite like that, is there?