Monday, July 30, 2018


I had my birthday July 24th and was happy to escape the heat here in Oregon City and go to the coast!  I went on a hike, ate at Mo's, walked on the beach, saw deer, and had a great time!
Here are photo's of my trip.
Because of the winds and storms at the coast these trees grow in interesting shapes...pinus contorta!!
Many of the homes at the coast have hydrangeas and they grow so large and many in such deep colors!
Fog strolled across the sky each were abuzz with bees.
I loved seeing deer on two days while there.  One had antler starts, the other did not. 
The hike was nice and scenic.
 The 240 foot long bridge reaches from one wall to the canyon to the other, over 100 feet above the creek. The walkway surface is 3 feet wide. The bridge is supported by two 29 foot towers and anchored by bolts planted in rock on one side and in 29 cubic yards of concrete on the other.
Randy and Charlotte, a sweet chocolate lab, on the bridge!
Drift Creek Falls drops 75 feet.  There were some people who hiked down to the bottom of it and frolicked in the water. You can see their wee figures if you look closely. 
It was a fun trip, relaxing and COOL!!!


  1. Moma Pizzo Escriva: Great pictures as always.

  2. Great place to escape the heat! You look great!

  3. Wow, fabulous! I've never been to that bridge--very intriguing! Pat

  4. Great pictures! A belated Happy Birthday to you.
    Love, Rex and Liz

  5. Beautiful, Rose! Thanks for sharing! What a great way to spend your birthday! Love, Cindy

  6. Mmmmm girl! You look good! Keep enjoying life! RR