Monday, September 9, 2019


This post is to show some of the various crafts we saw at the state fair.
Here (below) are a few interesting paper crafts.
I love the dark blue one in the middle.
Wood burning on a gourd. It was really cool. They had a mirror behind to show the work on back.
Carved gourds below. 
A carved and colored gourd. I love the leaves!
This one was also a carved and painted gourd with ginko leaves on it.
Paintings on gourds of a sailing ship and a dragon!
This one painted with an heron on it was a favorite of mine!
And here is  western meadowlark painted on one.
This carved and painted one is so unique!
I also loved this carved and painted one, again with leaves!
The picture below was created with many tiny beads!
This was a large metal sculpture, which was so cool.
This cat rug was so unique and I love it!
 The stocking cap on the left was made by a friend of mine. She called it her thinking "carp as it looks like a fish. The filet crochet pieces were nice, and this christening gown reminded me of one I made years ago for a friends baby. It was my first crochet project at the time!
 This piece is lovely as well!
The pictures on the left were created with wood and the horses head was a wood carving that was painted. 
 Carved eagles.
These mountain pictures were also created with wood 
 This piece showing a dragon is a knit piece! So is the chair cover.
There was so much more creativity to see and enjoy and ooh and ahhh over. 
I had fun looking at it all.


  1. Wow the wood carving of the eagle is gorgeous. What fun to see all these on display.
    Happy New Week Rose.

  2. I am always amazed at the creativity of so many people. Beautiful pieces here.

  3. So much beauty and such talented people.

    I'm still following you, Rose. Thank you for visiting me! I'm glad you found a new love... God is good. All the time.

    Love, Rebecca

  4. Rose, what increadible works of talent. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wish I were as creative as these folks. It is amazing what people can create. Sherri

  6. I love going to state fairs and seeing the beautiful items like these. I always take pics, too. Debbie