Saturday, December 13, 2008


This morning (Saturday, Dec. 13th) my friend Barbara Froman took me to see the author of the national bestseller book THE SHACK, William Paul Young,talk about his book. He had written the book originally just for his family and friends and paid to have it printed. Then his friends pushed him to send it out to publishers. No one wanted his book, so then 2 of his friends decided to create their own publishing company and sell it themselves. And that is how it all started. He said that through word of mouth, the books began to sell and now a million copies have been printed up and orders continue to pour in. He said he is amazed by it all.
He was an excellent speaker and moved everyone in the room. I have not read the book yet, but a friend got one for me today and now I am starting. I have been warned that it will make you cry and move you. So far everyone I have met who has read it has wonderful things to say about the book and how it touched them. If it is anything like the way he spoke, it should be great. I wished they had videotaped him as he was the best speaker I had ever heard! What is funny is that he spoke to a group of about 200 at a retirement center here in Oregon City because a friend asked him to do so! No charge for it either!!
I am thankful that Barbara thought of me and invited me to go with her.

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