Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Trees are blooming! This one in Randy's yard has such lovely pink flowers. 
I love the growth on the bark.
We see such lovely, colorful sunsets from his deck. He gets to observe them each night.
He has several hummingbirds visit his feeder and this one does not eat from the flowers but around edges of the feeder.
Interesting growtt i one some of the trees. I m not sure if they are lichen or some odd plant, but like the complexity of them.
I also like the moss and the patterns in bark.
The little birds who peck on his window are back!
His fence has an eye!
And a small plane flew overhead...

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


My boyfriend, Randy, took me to a car gathering at the World of Speed in Wilsonville, OR where guys meet to show off and talk about their vehicles.  Randy has a 1987 928 S4 Porsche and was happy to meet others who also had 928s. Boys and their toys!
Three men and their machines. Left to right: Randy, Mike and Jay.
Below is another view minus the men.
This is Mike with his Porsche. He invited us to the event.
Another view of Mike's Porsche.
Jay's Porsche 928
A 1964 356 Porsche. It needs some work but still nice.
A 911 Porsche, a very popular model.
A Viper. Got a kick out of the license plate!
A Cobra.
A Ferrari.
My favorite, a classic Rolls Royce!
A beauty of a Rolls!
The owner let me sit in his Rolls!!
We had a good time.
And I was thrilled with the Classy Rolls!

Thursday, March 14, 2019


Randy has had a couple visitors to his home, more precise, his bay window.  Two little birds the size of hummingbirds have been entranced by the window and come and sit on it and tap on it.  It has been going on for days!  Not sure exactly why but they do not seem afraid of us at all as we peer at them.
One bird has all black eyes and one has yellow with center black. But we think they are the same species and maybe related.

I took some of the pics and did some customization with effects.  Here are my artistic views.