Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Randy and I went to the coast to see the annual Sand Sculpture contest in Cannon Beach on June 8th 2019. I had never been before and neither had he but had seen photographs. Here are ones I took.
Here is Big Foot...
and Big Foot's butt!
Cement mixer and portapottys
Cheshire cat
Spider with fly in his web. The fly says, "help me!"
Game of Life
Lego sculptures and a lion
Mr. Toads wild ride! 
Below is the Orca-stra!
Orca playing a sax and an orca playing cello
and one orca on the piano
Sand castles
Sandy the dog
and a dog couple
Sand horses
Pug dogs watching TV
It is fun to see such creativity.
Hope you enjoy the photographs.

Thursday, May 9, 2019


May 8th my boyfriend, Randy, and I attended our first paint nite event. I had friends who had tried it and had a great time, so wanted to experience it as well.  It was so much fun! For being inexperienced we both did quite well!
This is the picture we were painting, each person allowed to add their own variations.

Humble beginnings...so far we are doing good! 
Randy's is the one on the left and mine next to it.
Randy took it very seriously, pondering each stroke!!!
I giggled and had fun through the whole event.
Here I am with our masterpieces. Randy's is closest to me and mine is the next one.
I had made an error in painting so had to change my view so that my parts of the island were close-up and bigger trees. I had accidentally started to paint the island at the top of trees in my pic so thus had to hide it all! Worked well tho lost most of the colorful sunset oranges.
Randy did not lose his and did very well!
My Randy Rembrandt!
Look at these amazing paintings! Any offers?
Our first artistic endeavors!
I highly recommend trying this. So much fun!

Thursday, April 25, 2019


My sweetheart, Randy, took me to see HOME FREE in concert at the Keller in Portland, OR.
He knows I love them and I was so very excited!  They are an acapella group and are fantastic singers. They have the best beat box guy in the world!
Left to right:  Rob Lundquist - Tenor, Austin Brown - Tenor, Tim Foust - Bass, 
Adam Chance - Baritone, Adam Rupp - Vocal Percussion/Beat Box.
Hailing from Minnesota, Home Free is the world's premiere country all-vocal band. They have performed thousands of shows over the years and across the country since their initial founding in 2000. In 2013, Home Free won Season 4 of NBC's The Sing Off, catapulting them into national stardom. 
I was up dancing and singing along. Good thing I had an aisle seat!
Here is a short video: