Thursday, October 10, 2019


October 5th Randy and I went to a Music Festival in Silverton. 
We also saw a few murals and visited a few shops while there.
There were different musicians and groups scattered around the town.
This musician, Mark Seymour, was my favorite. Good voice, good choice of songs, and made me dance and sing along!
Murals abound in Silverton. I read about 22 of them! They even have a map online to tell you where each is located. I will show a few photos of the ones I photographed during this visit.

Davenport's Arabian Quest

Water Street Side of Wolf Building (alleyway)
Famed cartoonist Homer Davenport traveled to Arabia and returned with 27 pure desert-bred Arabian horses in 1906, the first in America. 

The Veteran

203 E. Main Street (interior parking lot)
This mural was dedicated to Vince Till to honor him for all the work he has done for the Silverton Mural Society.  The mural honors Vince and all veterans for their service to their country.  The Veteran's Poem reminds us all of their service and to the ones that gave all.
Old Oak Tree   213 East Main Street The town was built around the old oak tree - a popular gathering spot on Main Street in the 1800's.  Newcomers cut down the 800-year-old tree to pave the street.  The stump is on display behind the Silverton Country Museum. 

I am posting closer looks at parts of this mural below.
Don Petit   Water Street at High StreetSilverton born astronaut Don Pettit served six months as a mission specialist aboard the International Space Station. Took 2 shots as so long.
This mural I cannot find listed in the Mural map, but I still liked it! All those posing men!
Main Street BridgeSilverton photographer June Drake helped spearhead the effort to preserve the more than 8,000 acres with 10 waterfalls that today is Silver Falls State Park.
Yep, that's my honey, Randy, hiding at right of mural.
Here he is posing front and center.                       And here he is with the world's largest gnome!
This one is also not on the mural list but I liked it. It was June Drake who was a photographer in the area for 54 years. 
My honey enjoying window shopping and music.
A few music lovers listening from above.
Cool mural ad on one building.
A colorful pot in a shop window.     View from bridge and a couple restaurants in the town.
Two cool architectural pieces on buildings.
Silverton is such a great town to stroll through. Nearby is the Silver Falls State Park and Oregon Gardens, which is wonderful to see.
That was our fun experience!

Sunday, September 22, 2019


Randy and I ate lunch at St. Honore's in Lake Oswego, OR and then we walked around the area. There is a park-like area there with art sculptures and we decided to have some fun. Here are the photos from our little adventure. These fine fellows were willing to pose for us.
I got into the fun posing with the little guys, too.
Having fun!!
Randy always calls me his Queen, so I found a shirt that was appropriate!
Some unique sculptures are there. And this large fountain is a centerpiece.
There are cast jugs and turtles on the fountain.
 Here are armless people. Wonder if there is a meaning behind this?
 Here is my honey posing for me on this fine, fun day!
 He brings smiles to my face and heart.

Saturday, September 21, 2019


Randy and I went out to another paint nite date night at the Oregon City Ice House.  
This is the example painting that the artist walks us through to paint.
A Forest Mist paint nite project by Yaymaker
Randy and I did our best but we each put our own twist on it.
Randy has a unique way of looking at what he is doing and planning the next paint stroke.
Here are our finished painting. Each one unique!
Mine is on the left and Randy's on the right.
Randy did such a great job! I am proud of him.
And he even had fun doing it!!
My artist!
Here we are together after being creative.
We both enjoyed it so much.

Monday, September 16, 2019


When my sweetie, Randy, and I went to the state fair we also saw a concert there. I had not seen Steve Miller Band in a long time and had been to a few of their concerts.  The opening group was Marty Stuart and his band. It was a balmy evening (which means rather hot!) and this was an outdoor concert, but we enjoyed ourselves in spite of it! Here are a few photos I took.
After Marty Stuart and his group sang and performed, Steve Miller and his band came on.
 At one point Steve had Marty and his group come back and join him on stage to perform together. 
We enjoyed the concert!