Monday, October 18, 2021


My garden is still lovely in fall colors.
These are beauty berries.
Dahlias still blooming!
Now here are the lovely and colorful hues of fall!

Zebra grass
Soon when winter comes all the garden will be dormant and resting until spring!
It is still lovely now!


Thursday, October 14, 2021




 dedicated to Margaret Joan Kanaski,  born Jan 22, 1954

 by Rose Lefebvre

Countless memories envelop me in a mist,

one at a time dancing into view

to reveal themselves like vivid films.

I hear your humorous impersonations

of Lily Tomlin’s character Edith Ann,

or me answering the telephone to hear

that Tomlin phone operator, Ernestine, asking,

“Is this the party to whom I am speaking?”

Those calls always started with a smile.

You performed to lighten moods, chase away

gloomy moments, to initiate laughter,

and we all were drawn to you, loved you for it.

Arms always willingly offering hugs

of comfort, warmth, compassion,

 such a natural greeting from you.

You seemed so bold and unafraid to execute antics,

and with you at my side empowering me

I could become, perform, experience

what I never would have dared.

You opened my world, helped me move

beyond limits I had on myself.

Who else could coax me to perform Big Spender

from Sweet Charity, in front of soldiers wounded

in Vietnam laying in the hospital at Camp Pendleton.

I still hardly believe it. Your quirky laughter infected everyone,

and soon we all would be sharing that special

free feeling it brought to each enjoying it.

I named you little sister, and cherished our love,

prize the precious memories stored in my heart.

Joanie, your matchless personality, loyalty and

love through all the many years is golden,

more treasured and valued, and will always

dwell within me.



Wednesday, September 29, 2021


 We had a rare visitor! A red-winged blackbird visit our feeder.
Turns out he and a friend stayed around for a few days.
We had a flock of fan-tailed pigeons invade our backyard and this is a first!

Thursday, August 26, 2021

poem: I Wait


I WAIT   by Rose Lefebvre


Stars glitter like grunion running across the sky

while the pearl moon blooms between two grey-blue clouds.

Moonlight strums the undulating ripples across the lake,

its fluid energy an intoxicating sensuality.


Bullfrogs belch out a rumbling song as crickets add

their own rock and roll rhythm. On the edge of night,

I envision my youth hovering like a ghost.  A tapestry

of thoughts emerge, roam like smoke curling out of a fire.


I sense emptiness behind the stars

as I gaze down upon the distant moon-washed town.

Trees stretch their arms to the moon as I muse -

Are there stars beyond stars, other worlds never glimpsed?


My curves remember your tender hands that caress them,

honeyed words that drip from your tongue to my hungry ears.

Here in the throbbing night bathed in seductive light,

I wait, wait for you to call me in, into the cabin,

into your arms, into your heart.

Monday, July 26, 2021


 Today I am sharing two poems I wrote. I hope you will enjoy them.

THOUGHTS by Rose LefebvreJ

I gaze reflectively as moth thoughts

flutter against the light in my mind.

A billion stars dust the sky while

lunar silhouettes dance beneath the trees.


Silent shadows move about, specters in the dark.

Mist shifts across the moonlit field like spirits

drifting through to a mysterious destination.

A reed-thin echo of bird song drifts through the air.


The warm evening breeze licks my cheeks

as you swim through my thoughts.

Your name flutters from my lips.

She’s poetry in a world learning the alphabet by Rose LefebvreJ

The garden of her soul is brilliant color.

Forgetting herself, she laughs freely

with unconscious abandon

as her hair flirts with the summer breeze,

twirling, as if spirited, while her fingers

flit like restless butterflies.


Pursing lips, she blew

dandelion fairies into the breeze.

Flirty eyes playfully tease sensuality.

She dances to the music in her mind,

speaks with the rhythm of her heart.


There is a dancer in every woman.

Monday, July 19, 2021


 JULY 8TH 2021 Randy and I took off ton a drive to the coast, heading first to Lincoln City and then leisurely driving to Newport. Here are a few photographs I took on the way.

Yaquina Bay lighthouse.

We stopped at Georgie's in Newport to have clam chowder as they make THE BEST!!!!
Hydrangeas grow so well at the coast.
My Randy taking a photo.
It was nice to have a breather.
Nice to get away.