Saturday, June 27, 2020


Randy and I take walks around Stone Creek Golf Course off 213 in Oregon City as they have a hiking trail all around it. We access it at the end of the street he lives on. Because the dog is old, we do not do the entire walk (YES, that's my excuse!).  Here is what we saw the other day on the walk. Wanted to share with you. First of all, here is my honey!  Charlotte, the chocolate lab, is commonly called Charlee.  
We pass by an area that has a field of wildflowers. It is so colorful!
A couple varieties of poppies are there.
I do not know what the rest of the flowers are, but they are pretty.
We saw a wild bunny on our walk in a neighbors yard. 
Charlee does not pay any attention to other dogs, cats or bunnies.
Calmest dog ever! 
Oh, want to show you a couple things blooming in my garden!
My black calla lily.
 Another variety of calla lily and a day lily!
More to come!

Sunday, June 21, 2020


Randy and I had an escape June 18th to go to Baskett Slough near Salem and enjoy nature.  We rarely saw anyone.  Most just drove by. I snapped photographs of our adventure and here they are to share!
As with most wildlife refuges, dogs are not allowed!
We saw a blue heron!
Caught him flying off as well.
Wild flowers and trees all around. 
And various ducks.
A little hummer came to the wildflowers.
We saw and heard many red-winged blackbirds.
We enjoyed our escape.