Monday, January 10, 2022


 January 9th 2022 Randy and I took advantage of a beautiful day and went to Basket Slough National Wildlife refuge located down near Salem.  I had read about 3 eagles there!  Since we needed an escape, we took off to see wat we could see and enjoy fresh air as well as natural beauty. There were many varieties of ducks and geese there, as well as other birds.

Still a lot of fall colors around the area, too.
You can see great views of Mt. Hood from all over the refuge.
We saw a few white herons.
A few ducks we saw.
There were birds perched in the trees in the area but could not make out what kind they were.
I only have a 200 mm lens so not great for distant shots.
We even viewed the moon peeking down at us!
I wish I did have a much better lens to get better shots of the eagles!
But I did manage to get a few that I could share.
I got a shot of an American Kestrel white the setting sun coloring it a bit.
There were many redwing blackbirds, too, and I managed a couple shots. They 
sing such a great song.
I am pretty sure that this is a juvenile bald eagle. At least that is what Merlin bird ID says.
It had flown closer to us than the others.
It was so great to get out and feel renewed. I gets me so excited about being in natural areas and going to more. I am so eager for another escape!
I hope you enjoy the photographs and want to get out on your own!

Sunday, January 2, 2022


 Early Christmas day we woke to white!  Even the squirrels seemed surprised by it all.
At least we had no where to go so we snuggled in at home and took in the views.
Now I can share those photographs with you!
I did go out for a short time and built a small 18 inch tall snow person atop the glass patio table.
Randy had left a pitchfork out and it looked funny to me piercing the snow.
I also viewed the birds continuing their visits to the feeders in the snow.
I call our juncos chunkos as they are well fed and show it!
At one point the two squirrels chased each other around and up a tree.
We only got about 6 inches and it lasted just a few days, which was long enough for me!
Now we are starting a new year.
My prayers and hopes are for joy, peace, health and lots of love in
everyone's life.
And I pray for COVID to be gone and suffering to end.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021


I had my Victorian Christmas tree up! The needlepoint treetop angel was handmade by me!

You can see the needlepoint Christmas stockings that I designed and sewed for Randy and me. His has a Santa flying in an airplane because he is a pilot. I had a watercolor painting done of Randy's chocolate lab dog, Charlotte, as she had passed over the rainbow bridge a week before Thanksgiving. He loves it.

More of Randy!

A little Labrador statuette and a steel tongue drum. 
We received a cute ornament from Randy's daughter, Sarah, with a picture of his granddaughter, Aevyn, on it!

And Rose!

A statuette to represent our Love!  We had a  Merry Christmas!