Friday, February 19, 2021



My Tender Green Heart 


 it’s the mottled green of a forest, damp

after a rainfall, leaves tossing watery

jewels to the spongy moss below.



it’s the pale green of grinning Bramley apples

bathing in the sunshine, scenting

the breeze with their acidic aroma.


Now and then

it’s the emerald of a soggy slick lizard

scurrying along soft mossy bark

of a lofty stoic fir.


It may be

a striped watermelon dripping

with luscious sweetness, tempting

us to taste, discover, enjoy.



my gentle green heart is a seedling

peeking from the shelter of its fleshy soul

seeking warmth, nourishment, and affection.

Rose Lefebvre ©

I used artistic filters on my Adobe Lightroom program to change some of my photos.  It is fun to play with the filters! Here are the results.
Here is the Coopers Hawk.
The House Finch.

Pine siskin
Townsend warbler
Varied thrush

I like the way the artistic looks came out!
And it was fun to dabble with the program.
What do you think?

Saturday, February 6, 2021


 We are in winter and I wanted to share a poem I had written long ago. Looking forward to winters end.


By Rose Lefebvre© 

As I scan the garden, it appears

that a few plants I sowed last year

have moved on and left

no forwarding address.

Some have sauntered

from one end of the yard

to another, perhaps preferring

a sunnier or shadier location.

Worms, stiff as pipe cleaners,

are a testimony

to the deluge of winter rain.

Birds on telephone lines

resemble musical notes.

Above I hear the pulse

of a woodpecker as he seeks out

invaders under a tree’s skin.

I watch a spider offer a narcotic kiss

to a fly struggling in a web.

A tree trunk’s decaying armor

breaks away under my touch revealing

a chaotic city of insects.

The wind whinnies

through the weeping pussy willow

making their bare branches quiver

like an elderly hand.

Geese funnel across the sky overhead

as a giddy dragonfly zooms around,

and I almost expect to see

a jet’s contrail trailing

behind him.


Townsend Warbler
Pine siskin
Dark-eyed Junco
I guess I am officially a bird watcher!

Thursday, January 28, 2021


 Today I chanced to read one of my poetry books I had created and I enjoyed the memories.

It came from an assignment in a class I took. The teacher gave us each a couple lines to start our poem with and I have italicized them.  We were to create a 'found poem' that expresses us, what we feel, or what we are, or something of ourselves. 

Here I share it with you. 


I take a path, walking

where my spirit will lead,

time and thought my surveyors;

they lay the course well.

My human heart stirs

as I contemplate the firs

robed in green-gray moss,

the murmuring pines and mossy hemlocks,

the gnarled elms with grumpy silhouettes.

Among these bending boughs I inhale

inspiration and follow my imagination.

The sunset gleams a smoldering smile

upon the horizon as loons circle

in the moth-spattered light.

Shadows of clouds upon a rivulet

change, minute by minute, 

and I see my Muse whispering words into the wind.

Light pirouettes off the shore,

a mystic play of shadows,

twining and twisting as if alive.

My soul is reflected in nature,

a splinter of light in a river

that undulates through life.

Like a single snowflake, complex and delicate,

I am unique from all others.

As words uncoil like smoke

emerging from a smothered fire,

they rise leisurely out of me.

I am a chanter of pain and joy,

unifier of here and hereafter,

embroiderer of expressions,

passing on my revelations.

I let words rain down on me, 

hear matchless lyrics within their flow.

The paper in memory's sketchbook is crisp,

smooth, a virgin of loveliness

expectant beneath my hand.

Words come to me, slowly, tenderly, shyly.

I am a weaver of language and dreams,

they quiver against my tremulous hands

as my fingers shift them like fine sands.

'I am'

I proclaim, 

and through expression

I shall exclaim it

again and again.

Rose Lefebvre ©

Saturday, January 2, 2021


 I was so surprised to watch a Coopers Hawk descend into the tree in the backyard a few feet from a squirrel who went scampering away! I got a couple photographs, too.

I was so excited! I took the photos through a window with rain falling outside.

Thursday, December 31, 2020


 Wanted to share photo of new visitor to our feeders, a varied thrush!
My Victorian tree. I made the needlepoint angel tree topper.
Randy and I had a nice quiet Christmas.
Randy will be comfy cozy in his new coat!
He likes the special t-shirt!
What a pretty watercolor of the coast!
Another special t-shirt for a pilot!
My cat, Kala, also enjoyed Christmas.

Randy made a tradition for us a few years ago to have lobster for Christmas dinner.
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Thursday, December 17, 2020


 I have made many needlepoint Christmas stockings through the years. My family all have one and many friends. I have even sold them in the past. All are custom designed and sewn by me! Here are photos of some. The latest 2 made for this 2020 Christmas are for nieces new baby, Violet, and another nieces partner, Crystal. The others have been made over the years.

Here is new one I made for me and one I made for my love, Randy!
It is fun to make them but does take a lot of time!