Wednesday, February 25, 2009


For some reason I began reminiscing and started looking at all the photographs I have scanned and put onto my jump drive. I was really surprised at how many I have!
Then I saw this one....of me going to my first formal dance. It was not at my high school but at the one my sister attended (yes, we attended different high schools). The boy was one of her friends in a group she hung out with and they also allowed me to "join in" even though I was 1 1/2 years older than them (but was not that mature, as my mom always says). I seemed to fit in with them much better.
Anyways, to get back to the story, this young man, Raul Fernandez, had been through a few "rough" dates with me in which I had thrown up all over his car each time he would put an arm around me. After the first incident, I was sure I would never hear from him again, yet he returned and asked me out time and time again!! I think it was on the 5th date when I finally relaxed and realized he was not going to attack me!!! (This nervousness evolved from my father's warnings about boys!)
He was always a gentlemen, though he tried to act like the suave man-about-town.
I was so excited as I'd always wanted to go to a formal dance. My mother and grandmother had worked to make my dress from a pattern I had picked out.
My mother had taken me to have my hair and make-up done. Between the dress and the hair and the make-up I felt like a beauty. I felt confident. I was not the knock-kneed awkward young girl, but a blossoming young lady!!
I can remember walking into the dance and feeling so proud and lovely. Raul made me feel great, too, as he focused all his attention upon me and whenever another boy asked for a dance, he would say, "Okay, as long as you bring her back to me."
That first formal! I am sure some of you have a memory like that.
The first time you wore a gown and received a corsage. The first time you were pampered and decked out.
I can remember my mom with tears in her eyes saying how lovely I was, my dad snapping photographs, and Raul's nervousness as he pinned the corsage upon my dress (and probably worried about being careful not to touch the wrong "place" as my dad looked on, or poking me with that huge pearl pin!) This was the first time I was the center of attention!
I cherish this memory!!


  1. You looked absolutely beautiful Rose. What a wonderful date it must have been. I love looking back at those times that seemed so much simpler than the ones young people face today.

  2. Such mellow memories. The best thing about pictures, going back, is the time they rewind to.