Sunday, July 19, 2009


My best friend, Sue, was up visiting from Roseburg, OR. She arrived Thursday evening and left today, Sunday. I already miss her!!
Since I was house/kitty sitting for a friend, she stayed with me. We had fun visiting our favorite thrift store and seeking out garage sales. In fact, at one garage sale I ran into an old neighbor! She invited us into her new home and we chatted about an hour.
It seems when Sue and I get together we always have some "remember when" times. It is always fun to recall those fun and memorable events in our lives. We talked about things we did together, guys we knew, old friends we miss, and family.
We also sometimes stroll down those rocky roads of not-so-good memories. When you can share the good and bad, you know you have a good friend. Sue and I can discuss anything and everything without fear of being judged. That is so wonderful!
As I was lying in bed the other night, I thought about how often it seems I "revisit" moments from my life as I get older. When I spoke with my father one weekend we chatted about moments and people from the past.
Now, I do not know how it makes everyone else feel, but it makes me want to run backwards in time! I wish I could revisit moments and be youthful again. I want to have that energy I had. I want to have the flexibility, stamina and eagerness I once enjoyed that seems to have waned. I know it is all impossible, but it sure would be fun! Just for a little while......


  1. I use to feel like that too, than I decided to make new memories to look forward too. Yeah I walk a whole lot slower than I use to, I get tired and have to rest more often, but that just allows me to reflect on what I see around me. I try to live in the moment of enjoying the now, other wise the nasty ole gloomys catch up with me and I don't want to get out of bed. I am actually having more fun now, than I did when I was younger. The plus of being a crazy ole cat lady I guess.

  2. It seems strolling down memory lane is in the air. My uncle was here for 10 days and I dragged out the bin of family photo albums and we spent a lot of time going through them. I scanned a lot of the photos for him and then copied to a CD and also had some prints made.

    I still haven't put the bin away yet. I know there are more in a box somewhere that I really need to rescue.

    Did you check out my blog lately?