Sunday, August 30, 2009


Mouthed apologies fall like scattered cards,
fill the vast space between us,
two tragic actors bound
in a play of regret.
Half-erased words fill the silence
as barbed hours lapse into wounded days.

Dreams left undreamed
crumble into ancient memories,
as we live separate lives joined
in an existence under siege.

A bitter seed takes root,
our clouded existence
a lurid wreckage
in an incessant storm.
---Rose Lefebvre, author

Words are so powerful - they can give someone a multitude of possibilities to strive for, or create a chasm that is so deep one can never escape.
The effect of our words on someone is strong. Words offering praise and support can give someone the push they need to achieve a goal.
Words of comfort and hope can lift someone from darkness into light and give them strength to move on.
Words can bring people together or shatter relationships.
We all make mistakes and say things before thinking, then wish we could erase the words spoken in anger or hurt. Often our anger or hurt causes us to end up on a carousel, spinning into a continual response that causes more agony and destroys bonds.
Once in this repetitive mode, even apologies become casualties. Our words can heal or destroy.
They can come from love or from anger.
We have the power to make a choice.

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