Friday, September 11, 2009


Tonight after work I zoomed over to Christina's home to babysit little Brogan. He is my best friends grandson. I am "Nana" Rose for him.
It is always fun to get to spend time with and laugh at his antics. He has recently begun walking and I go to witness this for the first time (more than 3 steps) tonight. He walked all over the place! He has a slight drunken swagger (reminded me a bit of John Wayne!) but does get around well.
Brogan has an abundance of toys, and many which make sounds or music. He has this little toy hammer than sounds like something out of a cartoon. I love it! Brogan seems especially drawn to musical toys and will "sing" along and dance. At one point he was playing music and was dancing and when he attempted to do a slow turn he fell on his boom boom (butt to those older than 5). He cried for about 2 minutes until Nana Rose started making funny faces and teasing about his boom boom. That got him to laughing.
We played games like tickle my toes, where's your belly, peek-a-boo, where is Brogan, and the usual rolling of balls and hiding toys under cup shapes. I was having as much fun as he was!!
As Brogan slowly started winding down and getting sleepy, he climbed up onto my lap and wanted to cuddle. When he dozed off, I made 3 attempts to try to carry him up the stairs to his room but he would awaken and start to cry, so I sat down and finally just let him sleep on me. Since he is cutting teeth, he has that Darth Vader breathing sound. It was nice to have a baby cuddling with me after all these years (my son is almost 23).
Nana Rose had fun!

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