Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As mothers we often find ourselves busy with daily chores; laundry, making beds, washing dishes, mopping, vacuuming, dusting. Often we will feel like there are not enough hours in the day to do it all. Not only do we have to take care of a home, but we are responsible for caring for children and spouses or partners. Often it seems that we are doing more giving than taking, and sometimes it seems it is a thankless task.
But often there are moments we could take that could be more rewarding than a 'thank you.' We can choose to let the dishes wait, the dust bunnies explore a little longer, or beds to be disheveled. We can choose to spend precious and memorable time with our children or loved ones. These moments do not have to be extravaganzas or all planned out.
Simple times -- enjoying a colorful sunset, observing a caterpillar crawl across a leaf, dancing in a pile of fall leaves--moments that create snapshots in our memories to cherish. Unplanned actions--taking the hand of a loved one to dance in the rain, holding hands on a summers evening walk, gazing at the stars while laying on the lawn--spur of the moment activities to hold in your heart.
Sometimes we get so caught up in the daily drudgery that we let too many opportunities pass us by. Then before you know it, children are grown and gone, loved ones die, and you wish you had the time to spend with them all over again where you made different choices.
We all do it. And often end up thinking 'if only...'
So close the door on the laundry, forget those dirty dishes, ignore the dust bunnies--grab the hand of a loved one and take a moment to enjoy them. The chores will always be there. But a loved one may not.

by Rose Lefebvre

My feet ache as I stand at the sink
scrubbing away dinners final trace
from well-used pots and pans.
A small hand clasps my leg
and I gaze upon the innocent
expression of my son.
“Come on, mommy,
Let’s watch the sun go away.”
Dishes can wait.
Hand in hand, we wander outside.
Settled on fragrant grass,
he cuddles in my lap, our arms
entwined and hands clasped.
We watch mesmerized
as burnished gold and dramatic orange,
luminous blue and pallid pink,
paint the heavens.
Hushed, we watch as colors fluctuate
in tone and hue.
Illuminated clouds stained
by tinges of color,
drift across a brilliant backdrop.
As the radiance gradually pales,
trees become silhouettes,
lacy edges against fading blue.
A closing bird song echoes,
perfect and pure,
a ultimate crescendo.
I am lead back to reality
by my son’s gentle voice;
“Good bye sun,
See you tomorrow.”

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  1. Lovely! And exactly why I'm totally loving having my grandson so much. He's not talking yet, just started walking, and I'm fascinated watching him.

    My older grandson entered 1st grade today and the memories of walking our street, marveling at leave, sun showers, rainbows... Children bring all the awe to the surface! It's why we should always treasure our inner child too!