Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am sharing another poem I wrote about our words and their effect.
It has been published in one of my chapbooks.

Is this the story that began with once upon a time
and was supposed to end happily ever after?

I gaze at you through a veil of tears
and wonder when the dream
became a nightmare. You, so consumed
by rage that you do not see
me shrink from your unnerving madness,
my eyes wide with fear.
I feel sadness so large that it threatens
to envelop me. My pleading words crash
against the impenetrable wall of you,
shattering, ignored, unheard. The persistent rape
of my spirit, has left me butchered
like a deer after the kill.
Did it make you feel potent to shriek at me?
Were my tears nourishment for your ego?
Was there any regret after
I fled up the stairs, wounded?

You did not see as I closed the door
against you,
opened the window,
and listened
to a bird’s song.

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